Frequently Asked Questions


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Open Business stand, add a Product/Service presentation, inform about an Event and much more.

Your is like a stand at the world food show, but open 12 months per a year. It is working for you per 24 hours. I would like to quickly tell you how to build it and manage it. As a registered member of the network, you can open your Business stand, add represented products and services, present your team, initiate and develop contacts, and much more. You can do this from the top, green menu, which is visible after registration to the Food Business People Network

User menu

If you click on the “Create” menu button you will see a list of available options (see above).

Next menu button, “Inform”, allows you to add many different posts (just click on “Inform” button).

post information icons

If you have any questions re these options please contact Bart.

How to manage my personal account?

After log in to the, you will see on the top of the page your personal menu.

Personal menu

This menu helps you managing your IngredientsHub, all settings and your Business stand, joined Business Networks, posted information, messages, invitations and contacts.

If you have any questions about your personal menu please contact Bart.

My profile page as my business card in the network.

Remember to complete your profile page. It is also your business card in the IngredientsHub’s network. It is even more than that.

Profile page

Other members of the network can see your contact details, an area of interest, represented company, joined groups and posted information. They can also request their introduction to you by IngredientsHub’s team.


Now you will know how to make the IngredientsHub working for you.

It is a time to promote own profile in other social networks. To do this, please use icons from your profile.

Share icons

Last thing to think.

On your profile page, there is a button to promote your profile page among your business partners. 

Invite your business partner

Just click on “Invite your business partner” and send them an invitation. If they will register, they automatically join your network. Later, you can easily find them from “Colleagues”, top, green menu.

Enjoy ! 

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Register account to benefit from the food network.

If you are a person who would like to be present and communication, and “closeness” are important for you. If you are interested in the food manufacturing, so you should be in a place where the food begins through relationships. You are welcome to register at If you decide to join the network and get more from it than just spend a time to view its pages please continue reading.

How to register at

To register an account at IngredientsHub’s network you have to click “Register to Join the Network” button from the main page.

Register button

You will see an Account registration form. Put your e-mail address and password twice. Our system will check them to avoid any mistakes. The e-mail address you will use here, you will be using as your login in the future.

Registration form part 1

Next, provide your first and last name, and a name of company or organisation you are representing. These details will be used for your verification and approval by other members of the network.

Registration form part 2

Then, please choose your position, responsibility and country of residence.

Please accept our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of Use, and click “Create new account” button.

That’s it. Now, you are registered member of IngredientsHub.

At the moment you have to wait until your account will be approved and validated. We are building a credible network, so please be patient. We inform you if the processes of verification will success.

Start using the IngedientsHub.

After your account will be fully validated and approved, you can log in as a user of the IngredientsHub. You will see your personal green menu on the top of the page, which will help you manage your content, messages and contacts.

Personal menu

You will see also more functions on a main blue menu.

Main menu

Now you can enjoy using the IngredientsHub and invite to the network your colleagues.

To see how to manage your IngredientsHub, please read this document.

FAQ categories: General

The Food Business People looking for your publication.

Knowledge is something that pays you back a thousand times and more. Knowledge is something that is writing people’s success stories. Knowledge is something that members digest rather than merely hold. If you are author or publisher of any book, magazine, report, regulation or other publication related to the food business we are welcome you to present it at the Food Business Network People.

Prepare your Publication page.

In order to present a publication at the IngredientsHub you have to be registered member of the network. After you log in please choose “Add Publication page” from “Create” top, green menu.

Add Publication page

You will see a form where you can add your publication. First, fill Publication title field. Also upload your publication logo or a publication cover, if you have any.

Add Food Publication page form

Then, please choose a type of publication and put edition/issue number.

In the next step please write a description of your publication and if possible upload your publication or its part.

Add Food Publication page form

If you have already opened your Business stand, you can add your publication to your business presentation. Also, if you are a member of any Business Network you can choose a group, on which your publication will be presented. Otherwise, leave “Company/Organization” field empty.

Add Food Publication page form

If you have any other information about your publication like for example a leaflet, a brochure or any publication related pictures you can add them, as well.

Add Food Publication page form

If your publication is already available online please add a link to the page with your publication.

There are two more fields. One is related to a geographical availability of your publication (if is limited). Second, allows you choose languages your publication is published in.

Add Food Publication page form

Next, you can finalise adding of your Publication page. Just click “Save” button.

Add Food Publication page form

You will see a page about your publication.

Well done!

Now, your publication is presented to the food show visitors. Additionally, you can share information about it to social media.

Update your Publication page.

In the same way, as usual, access to a posted by you content is from your personal top green menu. Just go to “My Information” from “Me” top, green menu.

Food Information menu

You will see a list of all your content. Please find there your Publication page and open it. You will be able to edit and update it from the “Edit” tab.

Invite your friends to your Publication page.

Your Publication page is displayed at the IngredientsHub, so you can invite your friend to see it and add some comments about the publication. Other invitees will be able to find out more about the publication, as well.




FAQ categories: Add a Publication page

Information about current trends is essential.

An analysing of market trends can be helpful in a business evolution and expansion, as well as, it can be useful to choose a right way in a personal development. Sometimes reviews and results from analysis of market trends are not available. The is a food business network, where you can create your own surveys on topics of your current, special interest and then analyse voting results by yourself.

Start to measure the market.

As a registered member of the IngredientsHub, you can start your Market Research survey anytime. If you are already logged in, click on “Create” to, green menu and you will see “Post Information or Request” page with Market research survey option.

Market trend survey icon

Please click the “Market research survey” icon. Next, you will see a form for your first survey.

Survey form

Now, you can write your question and answers for voting. If you would like to add more voting options please press “More choices” button.

Then, you can decide about a status of your survey and set its duration.

If you would like that your survey will be displayed on your Business, Organization or Business Network page choose an appropriate name in “Company/Organization” field.

Food poll description

In some cases, it is good to add any description of the survey. This can help voters better understand the reason for a survey. You can also inform voters about any gifts or promotions as an acknowledgement for votes.

The last step is to open your survey by clicking “Save” button.

Survey save button

From now, the IngredientsHub’s visitors will be able to vote and to give you their opinion.

Check and analyse the survey results.

You can check results of your survey anytime. First, you have to open your Market trend survey.

In the same way, as usual, access to a posted by you content is from your personal top green menu. Just go to “My Information” from “Me” green menu.

My Information menu

You will see a list of all your content. Please find there your survey and open it. You will see a page with your Market trend survey. There are tabs where you can review results, as well as, see all votes and voters. 

Food Survey tabs

You can contact with voters if you have any additional questions or would you like to say “Thank you” for votes.

Invite your business partners and ask for votes.

Your survey is displayed at the IngredientsHub, so you can also invite your business partners and ask them for votes. In this way, you will recognise their opinions and will know how to progress and improve cooperation with them.

FAQ categories: General

The focused audience is a key.

The is gathering people interested in the food composition, preparation, processing, manufacturing, packing, labelling, distributing and supplying. Imagine that your blog posts are reading mostly by people from the food industry or related sectors. Imagine how your food-focused audience commenting your opinions and communicating with you on topics of your attention. Imagine how your blog at the IngredientsHub’s network is a brilliant tool for first attracting, participating and eventually building a strong cooperation with partners.

Remember also, that your blog is always online and works for you. It is helpful in establishing new contacts and strengthening your reputation. So, it is time to do the first step.

Building own food blog.

Creating a blog at the IngredientsHub starts with a publication of your first post. If you are already logged in, click on “Communicate” top, green menu and choose "Add blog entry" option or click on “Create” top, green menu and choose "Post Information or Request", and you will see “Post Information” page with Blog Entry option. 

Please click the “Blog Entry” icon. You will see a form for your first blog post.

Title and content fields are mandatory. Please fill both areas with your information and upload pictures if you have some.

You can create easily your own blog. However, if you would like to create a business blog or post your info to an organisation or group you have already joined, this is possible, as well. In this case, please choose a correct name in “Company/Organization” field.

It is time for publishing. Just click “Save” button and wait a moment. You will see your first blog entry. Above a title of your first post, you will see links to your blog and other blogs.

Update your blog – post new information

You can update your blog anytime you will think to do this. Access to your blog is from your personal top green menu. Just go to “Review Blog” from “AMe” green menu.

Time to inform colleagues about your blog.

Now your blog is ready, so you can invite your colleagues, in order to show them your opinions. You can do this in a simple way by using Invite feature at the IngredientsHub. Just choose from “Communicate” green menu option “Invite”.


I hope this manual helps you post your first blog entry and will be useful in the further blog development and increase amount of readers. 

FAQ categories: Blog

Narrow down and precise your area of interest

Imagine how wide is the area of the food industry. Imagine that it is completely covered by IngredientsHub’s network. Many of our visitors are interested in only part of this area. Usually, they are involved in some limited aspects of the food industry and they work in specific niches. Probably, the same applies in your circumstances. You are in a defined field. If so, you would like to be present in the same space where people with similar achievements, dealing with similar issues and talking on similar topics are present. That is easy – just choose your Interest area at

How to set own Interest area.

All settings related to your “Interest Area” are on your profile edit page. To go there choose “Edit Account” from “Me” green menu.

Edit Account

Please choose options the best related to the area you are in and click “Save” button at the end of the page.

Interest Area options

Show your Interest area to other visitors.

All chosen by you options are displayed on your profile page and they will give your visitors some indication about the area you are involved in.

View on profile

Your name will be present on the Interest Area page, where IngredientsHub’s visitors can recognise, find and start talk with decent key food business people, like you.

Food Interest Area listing


Find members of the network with similar interest.

As the IngredientsHub’s visitor, you can also find other people working in a near area. If you would like to find them and make a contact, please go to Visitor’s Interest Area page.

Go to Food Interest Area

That’s it. Now, please visit the IngredientsHub more often and read messages addressed to you from potential business partners.

FAQ categories: Account upgrade

Let us know about your experience.

Working in the food industry or managing the food company for many years allows you to gain experience in specific areas of the food manufacturing, packing, testing, selling, supplying and distributing. Many of the IngredientsHub’s members have a huge experience and can be mentors, consultants or advisers for other the food business people gathered in the IngredientsHub network. You can find our experts on the Food Expo Experts page from “Network” blue menu.

Expo experts

Expo experts are available for visitors’ questions anytime. For them, it is a great opportunity to initiate new contacts and know better the expo visitors.

Join the food expo experts.

You can also become the food expo expert. You must have experience in any type of food products. At the IngredientsHub, there are many categories in which you can see you as an expert, for example:

Baby food, Carotenoids, Dairy products, Infant nutrition, Micronutrients, Nucleotides, Vitamins

To join the food expo experts just go to your account edit page and in section “I am expert in” choose some options (by holding CTRL button), the best suitable for you.

I am expert in

Next, please click “Save” button at the end of a page. That’s half done.

Invite friends, who can approve your knowledge.

On the page of the expo experts, there is a column where visitors can see if your declared knowledge is approved. 


You can ask your friend to join the network. Invitation of colleagues to the network is easy. Just click “Invite” from “Communicate” top, green menu.

Invite colleagues

Enjoy the time you are among the food experts.

As an expert, you can expect more messages and requests from the expo visitors. Please try to help them in their issues and benefit from new contacts you will gain.


Welcome to a group of the Food Expo Experts!

FAQ categories: Account upgrade

Let say, you are interested in any food business topic (legislation, ingredients, food preparation, …) and you would like to meet people with similar or opposite than your, view on it. You would like to meet them in a place where you can discuss the issue. There is no better place than a group, where you will posts your opinions and attract others visitors with your vision. 

Business Networks

Group page = Business Network stand

At the IngredientsHub groups are called Business Networks. A place where group’s posts are presented and where members of the group are connected is called stand. You can create your own Business Network stand and start using it straight away.

It is not difficult. It is even easy.

The IngredientsHub was built to find ingredients, meet people, discuss and trade, so be active and create a Business Network stand. You can start by clicking “Open Business Network stand” from “Create” top, green menu or by clicking here. You will see the form to complete, called Create Business Network stand.

First step

The first step you have to do is to give a name for your Business Network. This name should be unique and tells something about the group.

Name of a group

Type of the Business Network - Public Group or Experts Group

The IngredientsHub cooperates and supports associations, boards, organisations and institutions related to food/beverage business. For that reason, in the “Type” drop-down list you will see many options. Two of them are of your interest in this manual: Public Group or Experts Group. Public Group is open and everybody can join the group. Experts Group is a group, which members are picked out by you. Choose an option you like. Next, let expo visitors know, what is a status of your Business Network and choose an appropriate option.

Name of the Business Stand  Status of the Business Network

Logo, description and address, if any.

Next step is focussed on information about your Business Network. So, please add logo or picture related to the group and summary of a purpose of the Business Network. If your Business Network has an address please give details accordingly. Don’t worry, if your Business Network hasn’t any office, its office will be at IngredientsHub.

Where it operates and what languages can be used in discussions.

You have to give some information for potential members before they join your Business Network. I mean the region where your Business Network will be active and what languages can its members use.

Where is active?

Even more info.

You can add even more information about your Business Network stand. Fill areas which you prefer.

More info

It is time to open your Business Network stand.

Now, you need just click “Save” button and wait a moment. Your data will be validated and approved. In less than a minute you will see your Business Network stand.


At the moment, your Business Network is live and visible to the food expo visitors. Spread information about it in other networks by using icons on the page of your Business Network stand.

Add new members to your Business Network

There is an easy way to add first members to your Business Network. Just go to “Manage” tab on your Business Network stand and click “Add People”. Put a name of a colleague and give him a role in the group, if you wish, and press “Add users” button. 

Add members

That’s it. You are ready to manage your Business Network stand.


The IngredientsHub cooperates and supports associations, boards, organisations and institutions related to the food/beverage business. At the expo platform, there we are providing an area called "Business Networks" where mentioned communities can present their team, work and achievements to a global audience of food/beverage professionals. To review and join current Business Networks click on “Network” blue menu. You will see a list of Business Networks presented at the IngredientsHub. You can filter the list by country’s pavilion or organisation type.

Business Networks at

If you find any of Business Networks interested for you click on the name or logo/picture. You will see a stand of chosen Business Network. Now you just need to click “Join this Business Network” button.

Join Business Network button

Be active in the group you have joined. Know and be known, share and be recognised - just enjoy.


Presentation of your products at the IngredientsHub is a perfect way to promote them and to say something more about them to the food manufacturer’s audience. Adding your first product to the IngredientsHub network takes about a minute (or more, depends on an amount of information you would like to share). How to do this efficiently and correctly?

We are starting on the Add Product presentation page from "Create" top, green menu. Read my comments below, fill fields step by step, publish presentation and benefit from free promoting of your product, as well as, be ready for questions from potential customers later on. 

Find product categories.

First, we have to identify, what type of product you would like to present. At the IngredientsHub, there are several different categories of products. Let’s explain categories displayed at Add Product page:

  • Ingredient or Additive – a raw (natural) ingredient,
  • Intermediate product or Premix – a mix of raw ingredients or special preparation of them,
  • Processed ingredient – an ingredient, which has been already processed physically, chemically or biologically,
  • Equipment – a machine used in food manufacturing, processing, packing and labelling,
  • Processing consumable – an item used during food manufacturing as a consumable,
  • Packing item – any item used for packing or wrapping,
  • Test kit – a consumable used for the food testing or analysing,
  • Software – IT solutions and applications supporting the food manufacturing,
  • Publication – the food-related publication (report, specification, legislative document).

Add product you are supplying

Click the category for which your product is suitable. Next, you will see a form relevant to the chose product. Not all fields on the form have to be filled, however, please execute and complete as more of them as you can. Don’t worry, if you don’t know some of an information about your product. You can edit your presentation anytime and change/ update it in your convenient moment.

Let's start!

As an example, I will explain to you how to complete the form for adding a presentation of Ingredient or Additive.


Add Ingredient or Additive form

A name is important.

There are two mandatory fields for names. First one is a general name. This is a name of the type of products, to which group your product belongs It is also a name of products for which most of the visitors are looking for in search engines (I mean visitors, who don’t know a brand name of your product). Providing a general name for your product guarantees that visitors will see your product listed among search results at the IngredientsHub platform.

The second name is a brand name of your product. This is a specific name, which can be useful to distinguish and identify your product from among other products. This name helps the expo visitors find your specific product. 

Picture as a logo - a good idea?

Next step is adding a logo. You can upload it from your device. Please remember that if you haven’t any logo for your product you can add a picture of product or logo of your company here.

Upload logo

Application and function of a product - guide your customers.

Some visitors are looking for application or function of the ingredient, for example during composing specifications and developing new products. They would like to know how ingredient will be compatible or change properties of a final product. Please choose options related to your product. You can choose more options by holding the CTRL button.

Application and function of the product

Protect your invention and speciality.

Sometimes products are patented or legally protected. If this is in your case, please choose a proper option.

Intellectual property

Link to your Company stand.

Next, you can add a description of your product. Then from a drop-down list choose your company or fill a manufacturer name.

Stand of your company

Say more about the source product and present pictures.

Below in the form, there are fields for information about production (localisation and capacity). These are not mandatory fields, but giving them building the product credibility. You can add brochure about the product and additional pictures of it, as well.

A quality of the product is today important.

Next part of the form concerns of the quality of the product. Please choose appropriate options and upload suitable certificates, which legitimises the quality of the product.

Quality of the productCertification of the product

Type of packing matters, as well.

You can inform readers about the packing of your product. Just choose a suitable type of packing from the list.


Tell where and how the product can be delivered. 

Next, tell something about the geographical availability of the product. You can choose more regions by holding the CTRL button.

Geographical availability

The last step is about deliveries. So you can fill FOB location and choose delivery options.

Delivery options

Time to finish and publish.

This is the end. Now you need just click “Save” button and wait a moment. Your data will be validated and approved. In less than minute, you will see a presentation of your product.

Publish info about the product

Well done!

Your product is presented to the food expo visitors. Now you can share information about your product to other networks. Share your product presentation


Presenting own or represented business to the Food Business People Network is a good way to initiate contacts with new potential customers or to present offered products and service. So let’s explain how to do this at

1. First, you have to register at http// or log in.

2. Next, from “Create” drop-down, top, green menu, choose “Open Business stand”.

3 .You will see four options:

  • Banner Stand – for self-employed people,
  • Small Stand – for small enterprises,
  • Medium Stand – for medium companies,
  • Large Stand – for large corporations.

4. Please click the option you decided. You will see a form to fill.

5. There are some general Registration Form tips:

  • Fields marked with a red star (*) are mandatory.
  • Please fill as many fields as you can - this will help the Expo visitors find an information you provided much easier.
  • Please fill fields which are applicable, suitable and appropriate to the information you are provided.

6. Next, click “Save” button and wait until data will be verified. After less than a minute you will see your stand with a presentation of the business.

Congratulations. Well done!

So, let's try to build my stand.

All saved data are authorised by you and you will be able to edit them anytime.

FAQ categories: Open a Business stand