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How and where we can help?

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The IngredientsHub? What is it about?

  • Virtual food/beverage ingredients, equipment and technology expo
  • B2B products/services trading platform with social functionalities
  • On-line business social networking platform for food/beverage manufacturers
  • Experts' advice for food/beverage professionals

Satisfaction of everyday needs

  • Visibility and presence
  • Time and money
  • Communication and “closeness”
  • Credibility, competence and trust
  • Business partnership
  • Discovering and learning to grow

Great Team

Our team consists of our community of members and supporters. People from different food/beverage companies, associations, organizations, and institutions are part of it. This platform has never been created without their ideas and suggestions. We are also supported by mentors and investors - people who never say no and always see more options than one. You can see this project working with help of programmers around the globe.

Value given to you

  • Internet platform focused on food community
  • Credible and trustworthy network of contacts and potential business partners
  • Access to food professionals and experts
  • Global exposition to key audience during 365 days/year
  • Reduced costs of exhibition vs traditional food show
  • User virtual desk with message box, list of contacts, bookmarks
  • Communication channels: messages, chats, slide presentations, video conferences
  • Food experts/consultants panel available
  • Access to a board/forum for technical questions related to food compounding, processing, labeling, etc.
  • Access to food ingredients/equipment search engine
  • Community approved and audited companies listing
  • Community-rated/recommended products/services
  • Ability to create buying alliances or selling to alliance
  • Access to buying/selling leads
  • Convenient digital and social media marketing
  • Business partners linking system

Covered segments

  • Food/beverage ingredients producers
  • Food/beverage technology suppliers
  • Food/beverage equipment producers
  • Food/beverage producers
  • Consulting agencies
  • Certification offices
  • Food legislation bodies
  • Food/beverage associations/organization/institutions
  • Logistic companies
  • Professional software producers
  • Analytical equipment producers
  • Food/beverage testing/certification laboratories
  • Food standards suppliers
  • Food storage sector

Visit the IngredientsHub expo and register your account now. It is free.