Raw Banana Flour

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Banana flour is a powder traditionally made of green bananas that is often used as a gluten free replacement to wheat flours or as a source of resistant starch, which has been promoted by certain dieting trends such as paleo and primal diets and by some recent nutritional research. Banana flour, due to the use of green bananas, is noted for its very mild banana flavor raw and, when cooked, it has an earthy non-banana flavor; it also has a texture reminiscent of lighter wheat flours and requires about 25% less volume, making it a good replacement for white and white whole wheat flour. This has led to rising popularity among those suffering from celiac disease and gluten free dieters. Our clients can avail this quality approved green banana flour at market leading prices. Energy 347.5 kcal protein 4.80 g carbohydrate 80.50 g fat 0.70 g crude fibre 1.27 g potassium 1.80 g sodium 0.05 g calcium 0.44 g iron 10.90 ppm   health benefits •provides with the daily required fibre in our diet. •it gives us full nutritional value since it contains all the necessary minerals and vitamins required. •it replaces refined flour, whole wheat flour and cornflour. •is gluten free. •is low in sugar too and also contains high resistance starch, hence could be consumed by diabetics too since the starch present in this flour improves insulin sensitivity. •lowers cholesterol, aids digestion. •the resistant starch in this flour gives us a feeling of fullness and satisfaction, reducing frequent hunger pangs.

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Quantity: 1000 kg
Date of manufacture: 01/03/2017 - 11:45
Product expiry date: 07/03/2017
Manufacturer name: Kokos Natural
Produced location: India
Quality: Other
Available certificate of product: Registration no. in India
Certificate of Analysis: PDF icon coa_-_banana_flour.pdf
Packing: Bags
Geographical availability: World
FOB location: Mumbai, India