Demand For Sugar Substitute Products is Increasing in Food & Beverage, and Healthcare Applications

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The sugar substitutes market, which forms an integral part of the sugar industry, is currently being driven by the rising demand for different kinds of sugar substitute products such as high-intensity sweeteners, low-intensity sweeteners, and high-fructose syrup in food, beverage, and healthcare applications. Leading companies such as Tate & Lyle PLC (U.K.), Cargill, Incorporated (U.S.), and E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company (U.S.) have made significant investments in advancement of technologies and new product developments to provide superior quality, and innovative and cost-effective sugar substitutes to customers. They have also adopted acquisitions and expansions to increase their global market share by expanding their existing capabilities and enhancing their geographical presence in emerging markets such as China, Brazil, Middle Eastern & African countries, and India.

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The sugar substitutes market is projected to grow in developing countries due to the presence of emerging economies, rise in health problems related to sugar consumption, and increasing awareness & preference for low-caloric food and beverage products. Increase in population and disposable income in developing Asian countries is also driving the demand for sugar substitutes. This growth in the sugar substitutes market can also be attributed to the increasing incorporation of sugar substitutes in the health & personal care industries.

On the basis of type, the market is segmented into high-intensity sweeteners, low-intensity sweeteners, and high-fructose syrups. Also, the sugar substitutes market is segmented by composition into HIS - stevia, aspartame, cyclamate, sucralose, saccharin, Ace-K; LIS - D-Tagatose, sorbitol, maltitol, xylitol, mannitol, erythritol. by application, heath & personal care, beverages, food (confectionery, bakery, dairy, and frozen foods).

The sugar substitutes market is estimated to be valued at USD 13.26 Billion in 2015 and is projected to reach USD 16.53 Billion by 2020, at a CAGR of 4.5%. In terms of volume, the market is projected to reach 17.03 million tons by 2020, at a CAGR of 1.0% from 2015. The Asia-Pacific market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.5% in terms of value during the review period, due to the increase in demand for low-caloric products in developing countries such as China, India, Vietnam, Thailand, and Japan.

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This report includes estimations of market size for value (USD million) and volume (KT). It provides both, qualitative and quantitative analyses of the sugar substitutes market, the competitive landscape, and the preferred development strategies of key players. The key players preferred new product development, joint ventures, agreements, expansions, and acquisitions as preferred strategies to gain a larger share in the market. The report also analyzes the market dynamics and issues faced by leading players.

Sugar Substitutes Market - Global Trends & Forecast to 2020

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On the basis of type, the market is segmented as follows:

  • High-intensity sweeteners
  • Low-intensity sweeteners
  • High-fructose syrups

On the basis of composition, the market is segmented as follows:

  • High-intensity sweetenersStevia
  • Aspertame
  • Cyclamate
  • Sucralose
  • Saccharin
  • Ace-K
  • Other HIS (Glycrrhizin, Alitame and Neotame)
  • Low-intensity sweetenersD-Tagatose
  • Sorbitol
  • Maltitol
  • Xylitol
  • Mannitol
  • Erythritol
  • Other LIS (Isomalt, Hydrogenated Starch Hydroysates, Lacitol And Trehalose)

On the basis of application, the market is sub-segmented as follows:

  • Beverages
  • Food (Confectionery, bakery, dairy and frozen foods)
  • Heath & Personal Care

On the basis of region, the market is sub-segmented as follows:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Latin America
  • RoW

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