Pea protein. Is it a new whey protein?

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In the last few years, the pea protein started to boom in food and beverage applications. First, it was used only for a plant-based diet or by people sensitive to dairy and eggs, now; it is more and more popular in a group of health and fitness enthusiasts and not only. Pea protein and other plant-based proteins are marketed for its organic and often non-GMO properties.

Why pea protein?

Today, some food specialists think that pea protein can be the new whey. It is because it:

  • contains a complete array of essential amino acids (is particularly high in arginine, lysine and phenylalanine),
  • has a high protein digestibility-corrected amino acid score of 82,
  • contains the same amount or more branched chain amino acids than whey protein,
  • digests easily, without bloating, since contains absolutely no lactose or glutens,
  • is absorbed with a comfortable rate supporting satiety.

Pea protein seems to be ideal for sport nutrition products (like for example bars and dry shake mixes). It may give the same muscle thickness improvements after intake as whey protein. It can also be a successfully use as a protein source in foods such as snack foods, cereals, bakery products and imitations of dairy products.

Often plant proteins, like pea protein, are excellent ingredients for clean label claims and checks all the boxes in terms of current food trends. Pea protein is not a major allergen and is produced as a non-GMO ingredient. It is a safe alternative, especially for people:

  • with allergies to milk and milk products (who must avoid casein or whey proteins, or lactose),
  • with allergies to soybean and soy-based products,
  • who cannot tolerate animal-based protein.

There is only one issue with pea protein - off-taste issue. Hopefully, this will be sorted this year.

Pea protein is manufactured by many producers, like: Axiom Foods, Inc., The Scoular Company, Farbest Brands, AIDP Incorporated, Shaanxi Fuheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd, World Food Processing, L.L.C., The Green Labs LLC, Phyto-Therapy Pty. Ltd., Bioway (Xi'an) Organic Ingredients Co., Ltd., Zelang Group.


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