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  • We carry out research projects on behalf of organizations developing plant based ‘functional ingredients’.
  • We provide training services for your people, plus we offer you direct access to our scientific and technical research staff.
  • We can organize and deliver master classes and other specialized courses, or you can select from our range of workshops and seminars.
  • We run and manage Research and Development projects on behalf of organizations operating in the agricultural sector, particularly in the following areas: 
       • Use of fertilizers and water
       • Production control
       • Managing crops to maximise the synthesis of metabolites
  • Additionally we offer:
       • Consulting and feasibility studies for R&D based projects.
       • Development and evaluation of projects and reports.
       • Feasibility studies of R&D+i agroindustrial or cosmeceutical projects.
       • Advice to industries and businesses in the agri-food sectors, food processing, science and technology.
       • Technological, environmental and health, level design, technological, scientific and productive, and so on.

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