How would China“National Nutrition Plan (2017-2030)” influence your products in Chinese market

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The General Office of the State Council printed and distributed the “National Nutrition Plan (2017-2030)” (hereafter referred to as “Plan”) on July 13, 2017, which separately specified the national nutrition plan of 2020 and 2030 and proposed to promote the nutrition legislation and policy research: carry out the research on related legislation of nutrition, and further strengthen the nutrition laws & regulations system; research and formulate the clinical nutrition management, nutrition monitoring management and other rules & regulations, and establish and improve the related policies of nutrition & health. The Standards & Regulations Center of Foodmate briefly interpreted on the contents related to the “Plan” in the view of standards and regulations for reference. 

Formulation and revision of standards related to nutrition

It is proposed in the “Plan” that the standard system shall be strengthened. Foodmate summarized and collected the formulation and revision of related standards as follows:

1. Formulate and revise the referential dietary nutrient ADI, dietary investigation method, population malnutrition risk screening, dietary guidance for diabetic, population nutrition investigation work specification of Chinese residents and other industrial standards.

2. Research and formulate the general rules of nutritious foods for elder population, nutrition label of catering foods and other standards.

3. Accelerate to revise the general standard for the labeling of prepackaged foods, standard for the use of food nutritional fortification substance, infant formula food and complementary food standard and other important national food safety standards.

4. Further research and improve the standard of food for special medical purpose.

5. Revise the national standard and industrial standard related to sport nutritious foods in a timely manner, upgrade the research & development capability of sport nutritious food technology, and promote the industry development.

According to the news on the website of China National Center For Food Safety Risk Assessment (hereafter referred to as Assessment Center), the formulation and revision of some standards mentioned above is in progress. The Assessment Center held the “National nutrition plan——Seminar on nutrition-related standards” in Beijing on March 10, 2017. The meeting reported the latest domestic and overseas progress, formulation of standard, revision thought, work carried out of the “General Standard for the Labeling of Prepackaged Foods”, “Standard for the Use of Food Nutritional Fortification Substance”, “Operation Guidance for Nutrition of Student Meal”, nutritious foods for elders, the serial standards of infants & young children formula food and the serial standards of foods for special medical purpose as well as the establishment situation of standard coordination group.

In addition to the related national food safety standard listed above, the local administrative departments will release some auxiliary documents besides the released ones. Along with the concerns on the national nutrition in China, it is believed that more national standard and industrial standard related to nutrition will be published. For the domestic and overseas enterprises related to food, it is very important to follow the latest laws and regulations in time. Foodmate will continue to update.

Further complete the list of articles that are both food and traditional Chinese medicinal materials in China

It is promoted in this “Plan” that the list of articles that are both food and traditional Chinese medicinal materials in China shall be further completed.

It is known that the National Health and Family Planning Commission released the exposure draft of this list in 2013, which has not been officially released at present. The “Administrative Measures for the Catalogue of Articles that are Traditionally both Foods and Traditional Chinese Medicinal Materials” (Exposure draft) released by the National Health and Family Planning Commission in 2014 has not been officially released and implemented at present either. Foodmate will continue to pay close attention to the announcement situation and share it in the first place.

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