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1.  Specification:90%,95%

2.  Botanical source: soybean

3.  Certification:ISO9001

4.  CAS Number: 83-46-5

Phytosterol Phytosterols or plant sterols are natural constituents of the lipid fraction of oilseeds, fruits, seeds and other natural extracts. They are normally isolated from the unsaponifiable fraction.

Chief Source of Commercial Sterols: Soybean oil & Tall (pine) oil


Natural vitamin E

1. Mixed Tocopherol Oil 
    1) 50%, 70%, 90% Oil
    2) 25%, 30% Powder
2. D-alpha Tocopherol Oil 
   1000IU,1200 IU,1300IU
3. D-alpha Tocopheryl Acetate 
    1)1000IU,1200IU,1300IU Oil
    2)500IU,600IU,700IU Powder

4. D-alpha Tocopheryl Acid Succinate: 1185IU,1210IU

5. TPGS (Water Soluble Natural VE)

6. Tocotrienols 10%-99%


Plant sterol

1. Phytosterol powder 95%

2. Phytosterol Granular 90%

3. Phytosterol CWD 90%

4. Phytosterol Ester 90%

5. Phytosterol Ester CWD 30%

6. Stigmastero l 90%,95%

7.beta sitosterol:40%,70%

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