Looking for distributor of SenTraMin in the UK and Ireland.

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Dear Sir/Madam,

I am looking for a distributor and/or customers of SenTraMin in the UK and Ireland.

SenTraMin is a product of Liquid Assets, Inc. It is a very unusual mineral product compared to any other this type of mineral premixes available. It is pure plant derived colloidal minerals mixture mined and extracted in Utah (USA). It is freeze dried powdered mineral product, compromised of 75 hydrophilic plant-derived minerals (whole range of minerals in complete mineral formulation from a prehistoric plant source – Senonian Vegetate). This incredible mineral nutrients blend can be added to food, nutritional supplements and beverages. SenTraMin is a natural product, GRAS-affirmed and Kosher certificated.

More information about the product you can find at SenTraMin website.