Opportunity for selling products in Guinea

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I am Guineans and food trader to the account of a company in Guinea, wishes to have one or more suppliers in the food field like milk powder boxes of sardines fruit juice hens fish fruits like orange pineapple. I have contacts who can take the products that my suppliers will send me. I have contacts that can take fish and white for every item at least 25 tons, and I am even currently looking for a supplier of orange and pineapple fruit or of mandarin because my contact wants a big quantity. I would like to have a trusted partner with whom I will work in this field and that I will be his intermediary who will follow everything for him in Guinea. I would like a representative with a product stock from my supplier who will sell his goods to collect and pay the money to the account of my supplier and other parts I have customers willing to pay a 25% advance in value of the merchandise and the rest before recovering the merchandise it transfers the rest of the money into the account of my supplier. Those who are more numerous it is those who say the product must be there we will take it, resell it and return the money, so in the latter case if I have a supplier I can their goods to them follow that after the sale

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