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I am looking for suppliers for whom I would be representative who will send me their products, I will distribute them to customers, after sales I do the recovery and then transfer the money to the account of my suppliers.
Currently I have two three types of clients who want to work with me
1) those who give an advance of 25% of the value of the goods and pays the remaining amount as soon as the goods arrive at the port to recover it.
2) those who do so by letter of credit
3) This third category more people want the goods to be in Guinea, they take, then resell I retrieve the money to end that I turn it to the account of my supplier.
In category 1 and 2 these are customers evolving in the field of fish hen. One of these is looking for 25 tons turkey croup at the price of 0.88 euro CFR Conakry Port, white hen whole 0.90 euro CFR Conakry and chicken leg quaters at the price of 0.92 euro CFR Conakry with a payment by credit letter. it is very credible
the 3 are in the dry and drink as the bean oil sardine box juice juice energy milk powder 25 kg 26% etc ....

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