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Longze Biotechnology Co., Ltd specializes in health food supplements. The company is located in Xi’an City.
Since it was established, based on rich herb resources of Changbai Mountain and Greater Xing an Mountains 
area, Longze is engaged in developing and producing herbal active ingredients for our customers, and promoting 
health development of food industry.
Longze Company owns a professional team in food, medicine and chemistry fields. We devote ourselves to solving
high-tech problems in food industry and providing you specialized, comprehensive and timely service.
Longze Company has a strict quality control system, which can ensure the quality of the products offered to our customers.Longze Company aims to be the first-class food supplements supplier. Sincerely, look
forward to your support and cooperation.
Our Ideas: Green and Nature, Harmony and Honesty!

Our Main Products are Antioxidant Bilberry Extract.Cranberry Extract,Ginseng Extract,all kinds of fruit and vegetable powders.

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Submitted by Tracy Zhang on 13/03/2018 - 07:51
  Introduction:Cranberry  (Vaccinium macrocarpon L.) is a low-growing evergreen shrub with leathery leaves and bright red berries. This member of the heath family main grows in mountains, forests and damp bogs in north-east of China,America and Canada.Cranberries are distinguished by their extremely sour taste, due to their low sugar and high acid content. Cranberries are rich in citric, malic, quinic and other acids. They also contain flavonoids, anthocyanins, ellagic acid, and vitamin C. Because of their tannin content, the berries possess a natural astringency. Recent...
Submitted by Tracy Zhang on 13/03/2018 - 07:37
Bilberry /Cranberry/ Blueberry /Brazilian Acaiberry/European Blueberry Extract Anthocyanidins & Proanthocyanidins China major Supplier------------------------------------------------------------------------Pure and Natural Avocado P.E 30% Phytosterols Product Name: Avocado Extract Latin Name: Prunus gratissimaPart of the Plant Used: FruitAppearance: Light Brown PowderSpecification: spray-dried powder 4;1 10:1,20:1,5%,10% 30%Extract Method: Grain Alcohol/WaterDescription:The avocado (Persea...
Submitted by Tracy Zhang on 13/03/2018 - 06:50
Manufacturer Supply Lemon Balm Extract                          Lemon Balm Extract  SupplierXi'an Longze Biotechnology Co.,Ltd  Latin NameMelissa officinalisAppearanceBrown powder  Part of UsedThe whole herbActive IngredientRosmarinic acid 5%   TypeHerbal ExtractSpecification5:1  10:1  20:1  5%  ExtractionTypeSolvent ExtractionTest MethodTLC   GradePharmaceutical&Foodmolecular weight...


Submitted by Tracy Zhang on 13/03/2018 - 07:24
Xi'an Longze Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has established advanced quality control system and testing lab; our company has advanced detection equipment and a high level technical experts, we control the quality of our own products strictly, ensure each batch of our supplied products are in line with the production standard for quality system...


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FIC Shanghai 2018:Booth WB69,March 22-24,2018  

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