Nutri Pharmaceutical Research Inc.

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NPRI specializes in converting oils, pastes and gels into free flowing powders for nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and feed applications. . We utilize a proprietary process called O2P to convert oils to free flowing powders. We do not spray dry, freeze dry, micro-encapsulate or use any current drying technology. The process does not alter the fatty acid profile or molecular structure since it is done at room temperature in a nitrogen rich atmosphere. As a result, we can provide a powder with oil load content (percent of oil in powder) in excess of 70% and a stable shelf life for two years, or longer, depending on the specific oil's properties. Powders can either be Nutri Grade, free flowing for tableting and encapsulation, or Food Grade, dispersible for use in powdered drink, beverage or food applications. We can also provide Cosmetic, Animal Nutrition and Pet Food Grades. We offer more than 50 standard and specialty oil powders and or also toll a company's unique oil or other liquid product into a powder.

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