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New Bellus has rich experiences in microbial submerged fermentation since 1992. We strive to expand our biotechnology business with special focus on branded ingredients and products– MUSHROOM HUNTER® Functional Mushrooms, New Bellus® Fermented Products, ZYMOBIOSIS® Functional Probiotics, Dr.Amon® skin, clean and beauty care products, UNECE® Innovative Fermented Foods and Drinks, UNECE® medical food.  In addition to branded ingredients, we provide a wild range of fermented products, including Health Foods, Special Dietary Foods, Cosmeceutical Products, and Fermented Foods.   For our capabilities and expertise in research and development, we have completed more than 60 cooperative research projects with academic institutions, obtained 45 patents in Taiwan, China and the United States, and published more than 25 peer-reviewed SCI journal articles. These achievements make us one of the leading global manufacturers of microbial fermentation.   New Bellus is a Dun & Bradstreet certified company and our factory obtained several international certifications, including TQF, International GMP, HACCP, and ISO 22000. Moreover, our quality control center laboratories are TAF-certified (ISO 17025). We also obtained product certifications in Special Dietary Food, Health Food, HALAL, and SNQ.

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