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Alliance Corporation is a privately owned business located in La Habra, CA. The company was founded in 1996 to provide service for Air Pollution Control equipment.

Since 2000 we designs and manufacture energy efficient Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers for Air Pollution Control.


Our Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers are the perfect air pollution control solution for (but not limited to):

    - food boiling and deep frying applications with oil vapors in the exhaust air

    - bakeries, wineries, breweries, with ethanol in the exhaust air rising from yeast or fermentation

    - solvent cleaning processes

    - paint applications

    - coating applications

    - Pharmaceutical manufacturing

    - Semiconductor manufactuiring


We provide turnkey solutions including pre-filtration and other air cleaning technologies.


Our company size and structure enabled us to guarantee outstanding quality for competitive prices.



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Energy efficient Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers for Air Pollution Control

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