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AgroTeam Cooperative Ltd Rakoniewice , Poland

The AgroTeam runs as  SME and is the  one of the most experienced  growers and processors  in the Poland .  The Company has been started  the mushroom business since 1986 , initially  as the compost producer  , than  champignons processor in own plant , finally  as the grower in own champignon-growing facilities.

The company employs 120  highly qualified specialists  and workers . The years of experience supported by cooperation with academic researchers guarantee continuous and safe champignon deliveries to the customers through the year  and enable us to compete on domestic and  international market.  We use modern technologies and organic methods of cultivation of the  champignons  , but  high-quality mushrooms  can be obtained only when are picked manually . So  harvesting this way is characterized by the highest quality and is designed to direct consumption or processing.  Main areas of The AgroTeam business:
  • The supply of fresh champignons Agaricus bisporus
  • The supply of processed champignons Agaricus bisporus for  food industry  
Our products are bought  mainly by  Italian , German and  domestic companies.   We appreciate the long-term collaboration with our customers and respect our partners.  We look for new areas of business (food-related) and possibilities to grow up . We believe the Ingredientshub  platform will help this.

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