Bio Vanillin Market - Size, Share, Trends and Industry Analysis 2018-26

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Vanillin is a white crystalline powder with sweet aroma and flavor of vanilla. It is majorly found in the vanilla bean’s extract and is used as aromatic component and flavoring agent in the food and beverages industry. As a flavoring agent, it is used in confectionary, dairy and bakery products and as a fragrance ingredient, it is most widely used in the cosmetics and perfumes. In addition to its flavor and fragrance quality, bio vanillin is also used as an intermediate in chemical and pharmaceutical industries. For instance, in pharmaceutical industry, it has been used in the production of various drugs such as IL-dopa and IL-methyldopa.

Market Dynamics

Increasing consumer preference towards natural ingredients in food and beverages and in personal care products is a major factor driving growth of the market. Bio vanillin is natural substitute to synthetic vanillin as it contains low calories and various antioxidants. Rising awareness, regarding these factors, is propelling demand for bio vanillin over synthetic vanillin, thereby aiding in growth of the market. Furthermore, production of bio vanillin through biotechnological processes involves reduced emission of greenhouse gasses and lesser amount of toxic by-products, as compared to synthetically produced vanillin. Thus, increasing environmental concerns is anticipated to fuel growth of the global bio vanillin market during the forecast period. However, high production cost of bio vanillin as compare to synthesized vanillin by chemical processes, is a major factor adversely affecting growth of the market.

Among the end-use industries, food and beverages segment dominated the global bio vanillin market in 2017. This is majorly attributed to growing demand for high quality, environment friendly, and natural flavoring ingredients in various food and beverages products including ice cream, chocolates, and cakes.

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