Why Working With A Procurement Consultant Is Profitable & How To Work With Them For Free

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When you're importing products, the first order of business is finding reliable suppliers who export quality products at a reasonable price.

You're looking for suppliers that are willing to meet all of your requirements and accept your terms and conditions.

You want the supplier to not only be professonial, but also be of service. Whenever you have a question, a request...you want the supplier to act...FAST.


Unfortunately, finding suppliers who fit the above description are hard to find. With so many fraudulent companies out there, you better be ready for the task at hand.


Sourcing reliable suppliers does not only take time, it also requires patience.


You see, suppliers get enquiries all day long. They simply don't have the time to be of service to everyone. And with so many enquiries coming every day, it is hard to determine which buyer is serious and who is a classic window shopper.

On the other hand, buyers get quote after quote when putting out a RFQ ( Request For Quote) and have no idea which supplier is reliable and which supplier is in fact a scammer.


It takes time to weed through all the emails you have received and you'll soon find yourself spending too much time going through email after email, trying to require all the information you need to make an informed decision.


Often times, you'll find that not every supplier is as responsive as you want them to be. You end up waiting for days to get your questions answered. Some suppliers are pushing you to proceed with the deal at hand, while you still have a ton of questions about their products and their payment terms. You realise that you spent weeks trying to find trustworthy suppliers and how you've been wasting time waiting for replies and/or wasted time on fraudulent companies. You become frustrated.


That is when a procurement consultant comes in. A procurement consultant, also called an agent or a broker, has their own database of suppliers they work with. He or she, has done all the grunt work for you. They have checked the supplier's reliability and have established a relationship with these suppliers, so their questions get answered fast. Suppliers rely on procurement consultants to bring them serious buyers and therefore offer outstanding service. It's a win- win situation.


Buyers save time and money by engaging with procurement consultants. They are finally ale to do what they do best: grow their business while closely working together with a procurement consultant who understands their company's needs. They know their trusted advisor has the knowledge of the market the buyer is actively involved in, and how they will help and guide them through the purchasing process.


Working with a procurement consultant saves you the pain of dealing with scammers. It is a procurement consultants job to protect their buyers as best as they can by thoroughly vetting suppliers.


Unlike a company representative, a procurement consultant does not represent just one supplier. An experienced procurement consultant has his or her own database of reliable suppliers and has no problem sourcing new suppliers whenever he or she needs to.

Since they get their fee from suppliers, experienced procurement consultants DO NOT charge buyers for their service, unless the buyer hires them as their company representative. In this case the procurement consultant also takes on the role of purchasing agent and could possibly visit suppliers on the buyer's behalf and handles paperwork and payments on behalf of their client as well.


The bottom line is that unles you are ready and willing to spend hours, upon weeks, upon months finding a suitable supplier.....having a procurement consultant by your side is crucial when you are looking to grow your business.