Nordic Light Krill & Fish oil

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I am the founder of the product "Nordic Light & Fishing Krill Oil (Omega 3)" Company "Arctic Light Products AS.


Arctic Light Products Ltd is a Tromsø-based trading company in Norway, founded in 2010 on recommendation from Innovation Norway, when the "brand name" Arctic has a good impact in the East. The company that has developed with Omega 3 krill oil product under the brand name Nordic Light. Entrepreneur is Arild Karlsen, also from Tromsø. The product is called Nordic Light Fish and Krill Oil. Arctic Light will deliver health food products directly from Norwegian Producers two distributors in the market. The products to be sold and marketed under its own name, "Nordic Light Krill & Fish Oil."


Arctic Light Products AS activity was started from an idea two create the best product on the market. I had personal experience from many years as both a fisherman, fishing boat captain and owner / captain of the trawler before I started the development in Arctic Light Products.


Med vennlig hilsen / Best regards

Arild Karlsen

Tel:       +47 91 54 54 84