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A two-year trial for mandatory country of origin labelling (COOL) for meat and dairy in prepared foods has already started in January 2017 in France. At the moment on labels of ready meals contained more than 8% meat and 50% milk, the origin of meat and milk have to be mentioned. Simultaneously, the new law restricts the label “Produit d’origine Française” only for meals with 100% French meat or French milk.

The main aim of COOL is to protect consumers and respond to their demand for information about the origin of their food. The new law was created as a result of the ‘Horsegate’ scandal of 2013 when DNA testing found horse meat in pre-prepared beef lasagne. Now label of the ready meal should give consumers clear and transparent information about the products they buying. However, the regulation is troublesome for some food manufacturers, because it applies only to France, what is causing the fragmentation of the EU Single Market. 

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