Celebrate the Food Expo Days.

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On 18-19 Mar 2018, the IngredientsHub.com network is organising an online event called the 3rd Food Expo Days. Let's celebrate the Food Expo Days with other delegates and representatives from the food industry and the food-related organisations.


Don't miss the opportunity to meet the food companies delegates and representatives in this outstanding industrial gathering.


Save time and money, and be present during the event from your work or home. You do not need hassle with travelling, as well as, paying transport and accommodation bills.


Be active during the event and benefit together with members of the IngredientsHub network:

  • increase your visibility by commenting and sharing ideas, and opportunities,
  • improve communication and “closeness” by visiting chat rooms,
  • build credibility, competence, and trust by actively discussing with colleagues from the food industry,
  • initiate business partnerships by sending private messages to potential partners,
  • discover and learn to grow your business and career by reviewing business stands and presentations of products and services.


Let's attend the Food Expo Days at IngredientsHub.com.

Visit the Food Expo Days event page.


If you would like to attend the Food Expo Days event, please join the IngredientsHub.com network a few days before the event. You can do this from this link.



If you are a visitor just log in at the IngredientsHub.com during the Food Expo Days and:


Present your solution / invention / service during the event. We can display your presentation on pages of the Food Expo Days event to the food industry audience.Please send a copy of the presentation to info@ingredientshub.com  

Contact us also, if you would like to give a webinar.


If you are an exhibitor remember to be prepared for the event. I suggest you:

  The Food Expo Days event is an online event, which we would like to do 3-monthly. In the future, the IngredientsHub network is also going to arrange face-to-face meetings and trade shows.

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