Temos pola congelada de açaí para exportação.Tenemos pulpa congelada de açaí para a exportação.Temos uma polpa congelada de Açaí para exportação.
            SUGAR ICUMSA 45  ( 50 kg pack Bulk )  – ANNUAL CONTRACTS AND SPOT  ; since  5.000 mt -12.500mt - 25.000 mt - 50.000 mt - 100.000 mt  If you have any sugar business, please send  complete end Buyer LOI original document , just informing desired quantity ; destiny port , payment terms proposal and  buyers bank details  ; Top 25 / 50 BankWe will give you the answer throught SCO in 24 hours informing...
compramos alimentos naturais e liofilisados freeze dry e comercializamos em nossa marca BIOVITTA
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We offer a range of non-alcoholics beverages and premium eco-friendly charcoal for barbecue.Such products are already sold in Europe (France, Belgium, etc), and currently has been demanded to be sold in the US market.