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+BR Compan

We offer a range of non-alcoholics beverages and premium eco-friendly charcoal for barbecue.

Such products are already sold in Europe (France, Belgium, etc), and currently has been demanded to be sold in the US market.


AGRARIAN CENTER - Ukrainian leading agricultural company. 

We deliver Agricultural & Food & Vegetables - strategic kinds of the foodstuffs to the countries of CIS, EU and the far abroad. 

7 directions: 

- Grain crops (wheat, corn, rape, soya, sunflower seeds, barley); 

- Vegetables oils (sunflower, soybean, rapeseed); 

- Vegetables & Fruit (tomato, onion, beet, potato, carrot, pepper…); 

- Milk (butter, condensed milk, dried milk); 

- Dry products (flour, sugar, salt); 

- Cereals (Buckwheat, peas, rice, semolina, wheatmeal, millet...); 

- Meat (cattle meat, mutton meat, chicken meat). 

Our mission: to provide each our customer with high quality Ukrainian products. 

Our work priorities: availability of a wide and high quality range of products, individual approach to each customer and timely shipments. 

Our goal: a long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with foreign trade companies and producers on the principles of liability, honesty and reliability. 

Our Company has acquired a reputation as a reliable supplier for which the establishment of long-term and lasting relationships is priority task. 

You can buy our finished products presented on our website and make your individual order for products to be produced for you in the short term at the production facilities of the best Ukrainian plants. 

We would be glad to meet you and your Company’s agent in our office at the following address: Khreshchatyk St., 7/11, Kyiv, 01001, Ukraine.


Based in Ukraine, we are located at the heart of the most fertile soil in the world which yields the largest and best quality crops.


After 15 years of successful international trading, we can take advantage of our long and established direct business relationships with the local farmers. We use our own facilities for storage, loading, purification, packing and peeling of the seeds, and provide the most efficient and cost effective delivery solutions via our in-house logistics provider.


Agroseedex will supply and deliver a wide range of seeds of Ukrainian origin in quantities ranging from a single container lot of 20 tonnes to a bulk shipment of 10,000 tonnes. Our simple, customer-friendly order process combined with our efficient service and prompt delivery ensures your complete satisfaction. 


Simply send us a quote request, and the best product with the best price and service will follow.


AgroTeam Cooperative Ltd 

Rakoniewice , Poland

The AgroTeam runs as  SME and is the  one of the most experienced  growers and processors  in the Poland .  The Company has been started  the mushroom business since 1986 , initially  as the compost producer  , than  champignons processor in own plant , finally  as the grower in own champignon-growing facilities.

The company employs 120  highly qualified specialists  and workers . The years of experience supported by cooperation with academic researchers guarantee continuous and safe champignon deliveries to the customers through the year  and enable us to compete on domestic and  international market.  We use modern technologies and organic methods of cultivation of the  champignons  , but  high-quality mushrooms  can be obtained only when are picked manually . So  harvesting this way is characterized by the highest quality and is designed to direct consumption or processing. 
Main areas of The AgroTeam business:
  • The supply of fresh champignons Agaricus bisporus
  • The supply of processed champignons Agaricus bisporus for  food industry  
Our products are bought  mainly by  Italian , German and  domestic companies. 
We appreciate the long-term collaboration with our customers and respect our partners. 
We look for new areas of business (food-related) and possibilities to grow up . We believe the Ingredientshub  platform will help this.
aloe is life ltd


we wish to introduce our new matrix / ingredient, innovative and functional for a wide range of sectors: cosmetic, food, functional fabrics the result of new techniques of extraction of active ingredients from aloe and olive leaves and integrated in Olive Oil with a very high percentage of total polyphenols and other active elements. The result is an excellent oil, enriched by anti-inflammatory and tissue regenerating elements. No phase of any of the processes involve the use of any chemical agent, so the resulting product, the "Primitivo di Ottobre" is 100% natural.
Our production processes enable us to produce further innovative and functional matrices using different oils: argan, jojoba, macadamia. Integrating them with active ingredients extracted from other herbs. Other formulations are possible on customer request.
We remain available for any clarification, information or detail you may need.

Best regards


aristide maffei president / founder 




Aloe Jaumave SA de CV

Stablished in 1989, Aloe Jaumave has work to bring the best Aloe Vera Quality throughout the world, manufacturing under the highest standards and Organic Certification. - Single Strength Juices - Aloe Vera Diced - Concentrates - Powders - Private Label

Alston Foods B.V

Alston Foods B.V is a company dedicated to fresh fruit , vegetables and herbs exportation based in Rotterdam , Netherlands . Alston Foods B.V establishes their exports in markets in Europe, North africa , Russia and asia . The company is specialized fresh agri and the citrus fruit. We provide products of high quality at competitive prices. Our reputation is founded on a relationship of trust with the customer and continuously strengthening and maintaining the quality of the product. If you areinterested , you can find us like a partner to you in netherlands 

Apis India Limited

Established in 1924

We are the third generation of Entrepreneurs with extensive hands on knowledge of the trade. An ISO - 22000 certification for documented procedure that applies to Food Safety framed by International body. The company has also got the famed ORGANIC, TUV, USFDA, KOSHER, EIC, APEDA, FMCG certification. Winner of Numerous Industry and Government of India awards for Honey Exports. We are ISO 22000 certified by Intertek, which is a documented procedure that applies to food Safety Management System framed by International body. APIS India is one of leaders in the field of organized Honey trade in India. With its a world class in-house facilities for testing lab; processing and filtration for honey. It has a state of art manufacturing facility spread in over 7 acre in Rorkee with a capacity to process over 100 tonnes of honey per day. With a mission to make pure and natural products a part of consumers everyday life the company has also forayed into Tea; Cookies & Preserves considering the changing purchase dynamics & growing need of the quality branded packaged products.

APIS India also provides specialized honey, which comprises ginger, lemon, organic, honey with nuts, and honey with comb and is the Winner of Numerous International; Industry and Government Honey Exports. APIS India products have been benchmarked to meet all European Union and other International Standards.

Arpan Herbikem

Principal Products:

1) Garcinia cambogia Extracts

2) Curcumin (Turmeric Extracts)

3) Boswellia serrate Extracts






Asia Starch Solutions Co. Ltd. Thailand is the only service provider of its kind in the entire Southeast Asia region. Our company connects manufacturers with clients. We work closely with our international manufacturers and clients, in order to establish fruitful and long term business relationships. The manufacturers we work with cover the entire tapioca product range that encompasses the organic and conventional tapioca food grade starches, sweeteners, industrial grade, pet food, and animal feed. All manufacturers are internationally certified with a proven record of export experience. Asia Starch Solutions Co. Ltd. also deals with wheat- and potato starch suppliers around the world.


Our Services for our Clients:

  • Sourcing the most suitable product, based on client’s requirements
  • Establishing direct contact with manufacturers
  • Assistance with ensuring a smooth order process
  • Developing procurement strategies
  • Organizing 3rd party audits
  • Preparing factory visits
  • Handling complaints and issues, if they arise
  • Client support 7 days a week
  • Legal service through our in- house lawyer


Our Services for Manufacturers:

  • Introducing new suppliers and their products to the international market
  • Getting new companies certified (ISO, GMP, HACCP, Kosher etc.)
  • Audit preparations
  • Assisting in promoting new products
  • Improving communication with buyers
  • Establishing and maintaining business relationships
  • Connecting new buyers
Belorganic e.U.

Organic Birch Water (birch sap)

Bimal Pharma Pvt. Ltd.

Importing and Exporting , Contract manufacturing : 25 years old company : backed by Technically highly qualified Technocrats. NISIN, Natamycin , Sorbic acid , Potassium Sorbate, Dehydro Acetic acid and Sodium Dehydro Acetate, Acesulfame Potassium , Aspartame , Sucralose , Inositol , Chromium Picolinate, Zinc Picolinate , Titanium Dioxide , EDTA Di Sodium . Niacinamide Ascorbate etc.

BOS Natural Flavors (P) Ltd is a leading manufacturer & exporter of
Ingredients for various Food & Beverage, Nutrition & Health and Personal
Care Industries. 
We expertise in  Oleoresins , Essential Oils, Herbal Extracts, Natural
Colours, Neutraceuticals products, Whole & Ground Spices. 
Our company is an ISO 22000 certified company  and all our products are KLBD KOSHER Certified & JUM HALAL

























































































































                   …...and many more……




Botaniex is a market-oriented and research-driven manufacturer and supplier of natural ingredients (botanical extracts/herbal extracts and herbal formulations) for the Industries of Dietary Supplements, Functional Foods, Functional Beverages, Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals. Our strong R&D team is dedicated to development of the new natural ingredients and the herbal formulations focusing on men’s health and women’s health. In addition, both the advanced equipment and sophisticated technology are employed to produce the high quality and customized botanical extracts and herbal formula. We also provide customers with value added services such as Private Labels, Contract Manufacturing, and etc.

Boyd Brokerage
For over 30 years, Boyd Brokerage has provided food manufacturers and foodservice distibutors in Northern California with premium ingredients from a select number of suppliers. 

With our extensive ingredient knowledge, vast industry experience and creative problem-solving skills we provide our customers with unparalleled service along with an exceptional line of products.

We offer a number of dried spices, IQF herbs and spices, organice spices and herbs, dried tomatoes and dried chiles, crystallized citrus powders, and reduced moisture herbs and vegatables. Please don't hesistate to contact us with any questions or to request samples.


Agricultural products supply

Castañas Campelo Export

Certified Organic Chestnut flour from Spain, packages from 1kg to 10kg


The chestnuts are sourced directly from local farmers, who gather them from the north of Spain. Chestnut flour is a beautiful flour to work with and lends itself to a variety of uses both sweet and savory. Available seasonally and perfect for autumn and winter baking.



Choice Products LLC
With quality cooking oils ranging from a NON GMO Canola Oil to a Cholesterol Free Vegetable Oil to a nice Extra Light Olive Oil, Choice has the product for you.  Please feel free to contact us, we can provide you with the cooking oil of your Choice.  Listed below are just "SOME" of the oils that we have. We also carry INDUSTRIAL OILS:

Mineral Oils NF & USP, Pan Releasing Agents, Unbleached Lecithin, ZT Pan Release, NON-Allergenic Pan Release, Single Bleached Lecithin, Vegetable Glycerin, Castor Oil USP, Mono and Diglycerides, Soy Methyl Ester, Canola Methyl Ester and Sunflower Lecithin Oil.  

Soybean Oil - Corn Oil - Peanut Oil - Sunflower Oil - Safflower Oil
Great for Cooking Deep Frying and Salads!
Coconut Oil - Extra Virgin Coconut Oil - Palm Olein, Kernel, and Stearines Oils
Excellent Tropical Oils!
Zero Trans Palm and All Purpose Oil Shortening
Creamy and Clear Liquid Shortening - Lard
Excellent for baking! (NON-GMO options and NON Allergenic)
Mayonnaise - French, Thousand Island, Ranch, Creamy Italian Dressings
Smokey & Classic BBQ Sauce - Louisiana Style Hot Sauce & Buffalo Wing Sauce
Seafood Cocktail Sauce - Pancake Syrup
Delicious Salad Dressings, Dips & Sauces available in a wide range of containers!
Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Pure Virgin Olive Oil - Pure Olive Oil
All Olive Oils are Zero Trans Fats, NON Allergenic and Non GMO!
Some other oils includ (Corn Oil, Canola Oil, High Oleic Canola Oil, Cottonseed, Peanut Oil, Safflower Oil, Soybean Oil, Sunflower Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pure Olive Oil, Riviera Olive Oil, Refined Olive Oil, Pomace Olive Oil, Sesame Seed Oil, Toasted Sesame Oil and many more)

Some oils are Refined, Bleached, and Deodorized (RBD) Oils do not
contain any proteinaceous material, and are therefore considered
non-allergenic, and GMO-free.


Click-Pack is modern, innovative Polish company.

We thermoform food and non food PET & OPS packaging.

Looking for partners, end users and distributors in Europe.

Please se my and contact me.

Best regards,

Greg Ramos

coopérative couscous lemima Bejaad

Nous sommes une coopérative de couscous traditionnelle nommé « Lemima de Bejaâd » (province de khouribga) Maroc.


Date de Création de notre coopérative : 30 mars 2010.


Adresse du locale : 114 Avenue Med Meskini 1er étage Bejaâd. (province de khouribga) Maroc.


Adresse de correspondance : 26 Derb Arbaoua Bejaâd.  (province de khouribga) Maroc.


Décision ministérielle n° : 3 10 402 en date du : 21/06/2010.


Autorisation ONSSA n° : PAC.57.8.15 ( 04/09/2015)


Les produits : Couscous au blé dur – Couscous au blé complet – Couscous au maïs – Couscous à l’orge – Berkoukech au blé … 


Les objectifs de notre coopérative sont :

-  Améliorer la situation sociale et financière des adhérents de la coopérative. 

- Confectionner  le couscous traditionnel et le commercialiser

- Participer aux différentes foires nationales et internationales pour mieux commercialiser notre couscous.

- Rechercher des ressources de financement pour améliorer le projet.  

- Fournir un travaille stable, honnête, propre et honorable à nombre de femmes, surtout celles du milieu rural, et celles qui souffrent d’une situation financière très précaire, ce qui contribue beaucoup à la sécurité humaine dans la région.

- Préserver la tradition du couscous traditionnel (fait à la main) qui commence à disparaitre. 

D.M. Exporters

We are the suppliers and manufacturers of stupendous quality peanuts. We are here to serve worldwide as we are experienced in this section and we have been serving our clients worldwide with our quality products.
We deal in peanuts, spices and seeds 
you can visit our website for our products detail -> 
We have the ready stock of the following :- 


Peanut Bold - 40/50 = $1150 PMT
Peanut Bold- 50/60 = $1100 PMT
Roasted (Blanched) Peanuts- 40/50 = $1590 PMT 
Fenugreek Seeds Sortex = $690 PMT 
FOR Mundra Port 
Email Us @ or
WhatsApp - +919414139031

Designer and manufacturer of food systems with a specialty in pasta machines, including DEMACO extruders. DEMACO builds equipment for making fresh pasta, frozen pasta, dry pasta, canned pasta, filled pasta to include ravioli and tortellini, sheeted pasta and noodles, instant pasta and noodles, shelf stable pasta, gluten-free pasta, and cooked pasta used in dinner entrees and ready-to-eat meals.

EC Kitchen Appliances

We would like to introduce Our Company EC KITCHEN APPLIANCES Located at Coimbatore,
We designed and developed a new generation Food Processing Machine with improvements never seen Before in the Machine Industry.  

Our Product Details are mentioned below:

1)    Sevamatik -  Sevai & Idiyappam Maker for Domestic Use

2)    Portable Sevai Machine EC-30-S

3)    Portable Idiyappam Machine EC-I-30-A

4)    Portable Sevai & Idiyappam Machine EC-30-S

5)   Portable Chapathi Machine EC-35-C

All these Machines are designed as Tabel Top Model.

Suitable for Hotels, Canteens, Kalayana Mandabams, Magalir Suya udhavi kuzhu & Caterings.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed  
 User Friendly   
 High Quality Hydraulics and Electrical Parts
 Low Maintenance Cost

You all are most welcome to Our Office to watch the Product Demonstration.

EMAF Herbs & Spices
Everything Natural & Organic

We distribute organic food ingredient products. Such as: Dried fruit, nuts, spices, flours, seeds and prepackaged organic foods. Please contact us for our USDA organic cerifications.

Export Coordinator & Export Consultant

We  are export company all kinds of Thai rice, refined white sugar icumsa45 origin Thai, Charcoal, Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade.


Also we import all kinds of Corn and Animal feeds .   


More details please feel free to contact me.


Arezki Tighermet

Export Coordinator & Export Consultant
The Parkland Phetkasem-Thapra
99/776 Phetkasem Road, Wat thapra, Bangkokyai, Bangkok
Mobile Number : +6692 864 6178
Whatsapp : +6692 864 6178
Farmers cheese making

Farmers cheese making "is a Pakistan based small size company . making  over 30 varieties of artisan cheeses including, buffalo mozzarella , halloumi , mascarpone, ricotta, Gouda , cheddar , pepper jack , boconccini, feta , cream cheeses and much more . We are specialised is fresh and frozen buffalo mozzarella. We do not add preservatives, artificial flavours and colours in our cheeses . We make the real deal.


Food Pack INDIA

Food Pack INDIA is a venture of Shree Krishna Enterprise.

Our Company Shree Krishna Enterprise based in Surat, Gujarat is an Exhibition, Event & trade Fair organizing company. We organize Commercial exhibitions, generally called trade fairstrade shows or expos, so that organizations in a specific interest or industry can showcase and demonstrate their latest products, service, study activities of rivals and examine recent trends and opportunities. Our trade fairs are open to the public, and also attended by company representatives (members of the trade) and members of the press.

We organize exhibition for food Industry by the name of Food Pack India. We provide a platform to grow and expand the business across India to Manufacturers / Producers / Exporters / Marketers of Food Industry.


Consumer Exhibition offers all exhibitors a chance to explore new opportunities, markets and much more advantages that come along with participation. As for visitors, such events have proven to be most favourable amongst individuals who cherish antiquated treasures from the Orient and beyond.

Our Trade fairs often involve a considerable marketing investment by our company & participating companies. Costs include space rental, booth design and construction of trade show displays, telecommunications and networking, travel, accommodations, and promotional literature and items to give to attendees. In addition, costs are incurred at the show for services such as electrical, booth cleaning, internet services, and drayage (also known as material handling). Consequently, cities often promote trade shows as a means of economic development.

Our Unique selling proposition (USP) is B2B & B2C interactions which in long term is very much beneficial to grow & expand established and start-up business. We work with the motto “Stay Updated, Stay Ahead” so as to keep everyone updated with the latest technology of food industry and to sustain and increase participating company’s competitive position. We also help everyone in food industry to stay connected with each other by various means like social media groups, Event data & magazine. Smart, focused and consistent effort is critical to grow any business therefore we think strategically and act accordingly to the company’s client requirement.


We help food companies grow, reduce supply chain risks by bringing in trusted business class people in touch with them and improve indirectly and directly the processes and systems that help companies and governments build trust in food industry. Many Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises have no proper channel for B2B interactions, we will provide them platform by organizing exhibition. In some or the other way we will be helping the food processing industry to grow in terms of both volume & Size directly or Indirectly.


GDLbrands is a New Zealand Sales and Distribution company specialising in brokerage of big brand confectionery and snack food mainly from the USA and Australia.

GDLbrands directly supplies 1500 retail stores and supermarkets throughout NZ. They provide a full service to their suppliers - warehousing, sales, distribution, advertising, promotions....; taking full physical and financial responsibility for the brand in NZ

GDLbrands is well known for confectionery and snacks with benefits (eg. gluten free, sugar free, low saturared fat....) but also represents brands that are purely indulgence lines that do not mention any functional benefits.

They currently seek medium/high quality chocolate (bars and or boxes) from Australia and inovative snack lines from the USA or Australia.

Contact - Frank Geaney by email:


amino acids、plant extract and fat loss ingredients.

Global Essence Inc

Global Essence is a leading supplier of premium-quality ingredients to the flavor, fragrance, consumer products, food, beverage and allied industries. Convenient staff and warehouse facilities located in the US, UK, Germany, and Singapore. The experienced Global Essence team represents over 150 years of solid experience in the global flavor and fragrance industry.

Great Commodity Group Ltd
Grow Green Energy P Ltd

Outgrowers Spice, Herbs and Medicinal plants in Uganda Africa

Solar dried Fruits and Vegetables, Herbs Dryers

Apple Banna, Pinapple , Passion fruit dried and powder

Natural Colurs and Essential oil thro cold process

Avacado Oil and Sesame 

Extractors based on water.


Guilin Hongxing Chemical Co.,Ltd
Guilin Hongxing Chemical Co., Ltd.

Guilin Hongxing Chemical Co., Ltd. is a well-known domestic enterprise since 1958, which specializes in producing food additives.We mainly produce and sale “Jianshi”brand and ”Guihua”brand baking powder, we also produce food grade calcium carbonate,food grade calcium hydroxide,food grade calcium oxide,and caramel color.

“Jianshi” brand baking powder includes aluminium single action baking powder and aluminium free double action baking powder.

We always pay attention to the quality of products and the safety of foods, the quality of our products is the best in China. We produce about 40,000 metric tons baking powder a year, the output value is about RMB200 million yuan. Our baking powder takes more than 60% market share of the China among the similar products.

We are ISO9001, ISO22000 certificate company.

Gujarat Foods

We are Manufacturer of Dehydrated Onion And Dehydrated Garlic. We have below products to offer :
















About Hygienic Foods

HYGIENIC FOODS With its registered IN INDIA was founded in 2005 & now established in village of RATOL TALGAJARDA ROAD MAHUVA 364290. The Company is currently one of the biggest producers of dried vegetables specialized in onions & garlic in India.

The Company's shareholders are natural 3 FAMILY persons (complete family partners) whose shares make 100% of the initial capital. Apart from the capital, MR. BHAMBHERA, & MR. KAPASI is in finance management & MR.A.K. VAKIL is in contributed a wealth of experience which ensured a rapid development and accomplishment of the assumed goals. The main idea of the Company's founders was to create a good hygiene factory to serve safe product for human beings and also have good value in spice & meat industry apart from this we started business entity capable of a rapid response to the dynamically changing market conditions.

The Company's domain is to produce a wide range of dried vegetables using hot air dried facilities, fresh vegetables. In order to ensure the customer receives the highest quality product, we handle the contracting on our own, we also provide our suppliers with seeds of varieties specifically selected for dried vegetables production.

Nowadays, we produce about 2000 tones of dried vegetables annually & may ongoing infinitely as per our good outputs from the cultivation area. Our Company's main products are dried vegetables such as: white onions, red onions, yellow/ pink onion & garlic product having various forms like flakes/ kibbled, minced, chopped, granules & in powder form.

The other vegetables like carrot, red beetroot, lady fingers, cabbage etc… may manufactured only with special demand by consumers & buyers

We are aware that creating a good image among the Customers demands constant self-control, development and exceeding requirements and market expectations. For that reason we continue to modernize our production lines and we have launched our own microbiological laboratory, granulation department, and sorting department.

Today we are a Company that has achieved a strong position both on the domestic and foreign markets.

Our company’s customers are both domestic and foreign recipients. We deliver our commodities, especially to Germany, France, Italy, Holland, England, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Europe & North America and also the United States.

We attach the greatest importance to the quality and safety of the products we offer. Manufacturing is performed in accordance with Food Safety System Certification 22000 - FSSC 22000 recommendations, which is documented with appropriate certificates. Food Safety System Certification 22000 - FSSC 22000 is a complete Global Food Safety Initiative - GFSI recognized food safety certification system, for food manufacturers, based on the ISO 22000:20005, ISO/TS 22002-4:2013 and additional FSSC 22000 requirements. FSSC 22000 is a system approved by GFSI fully comparable with IFS and BRC systems.

Our products are certified kosher .

i shipper for shipping and trading

Welcome to I Shipper: Export - Import Solutions. All can you need, we can do it ## Bienvenidos a I Shipper Export Import Solutions. Todo lo que puedas necesitar, nosotros podemos hacerlo. <> <




Indchem International

A brief about Indchem International:


We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a Speciality food Ingredient & Speciality Nutraceutical Ingredient Distribution house based out of Mumbai, India, specialising in the distribution of ingredients to the Pharmaceutical, Food, Nutraceutical, Cosmeceutical & Personal care industries for nearly 2 decades.

We are currently partnered with many companies to promote their products in India . To name a few these are ABITEC Corporation (USA), Arctic Eevia Health (Finland), Ecuadorian Rainforest (USA), Linseed Ltd (Finland), Monteloeder (Spain)(for certain products), SeaGarden etc.

At Indchem, we specialise in growing the market share for our Principals, by technical expertise and solution providing abilities. Our primary focus is on concept selling ensuring a longer product life cycle for our Principals, and also providing a niche to our clients, wherein, they are provided quality products through our focused distribution network in all regions of India. We have sales personnel present in Mumbai as well as New Delhi who focus on specific sectors mentioned above herein.

We are keen to be associated with your company for distribution of your products in the Indian Market. To begin with we would like to Import Speciality food Ingredient & Speciality Nutraceutical Ingredient  range from your company. We would like to have long term Business association with your company. With our  experience of more than a decade of Marketing  Speciality food Ingredient & Speciality Nutraceutical ingredient in India ,I am confident that with your support we can grow together in this market.


Enclosed herewith is a small presentation about our company.


Innovad NV

Inter Chemical (Shijiazhuang) Co., Ltd, found in 2005, is a high-tech enterprise which dedicate to research, development and manufacturing Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC) & Polyanionic Cellulose (PAC).

Inter Chemical owns three workshops, which all equipped with most advance equipments and DCS control system. The total annual output exceeds 30,000 MT.


Inter Chemical have passed ISO9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005, Halal and Kosher quality system .It is awarded as “Hebei Hi-Tech Enterprise ”,"Star Enterprise " by government , "YINGTE" brand CMC are also awarded “Hebei Famous Brand Product " .


Inter Chemical’s CMC & PAC are used by hundreds of companies around the world, our goal is simple: “Manufacture the best CMC & PAC for the world”.

Jubilant Life Sciences Limited


Jubilant life Sciences ltd . prides itself as one of the leaders in Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences company having a turnover of US$ 1 Billion, with sales in over 100 countries and ground presence in India, North America , Europe & China. (


Our Human Nutrition business offers a basket of ingredients including straight & premixes. They have been developed leveraging ingredients expertise, unmatched knowledge & years of research & development.

We deliver nutritional & functional ingredients solutions, and tailored premixes for use in the food , nutrition and fortification market.


Our Product Variants are as follows:


1.       Antioxidants:

·         Natural Antioxidant & Blends

( Tocopherol & blends , Rosemary, Green Tea)

·         Synthetic Antioxidant & Blends

(BHA - RanceezTM), BHT, TBHQ, Ascorbyl Palmitate)

2.       Nutritional Premixes:

·         Vitamin Premix

·         Mineral Premix

·         Nucleotide Premix

·         Amino Acid Premix

3.       Straight ingredients:

·         Niacinamide/ Niacin ( Vitamin B3)- Globally 2nd Largest player

·         Choline Bitartarate

·         Choline Chloride

·         Encapsulated Acids( citric Acid, Ascorbic Acid)


Applications : Nutritional & Health Foods , Dairy, Bakery, Oils & Fats , Convenience  Foods, Confectionery, Beverage.

julie young & Associates, LLC

Julie Young & Associates, LLC is a food/ingredient broker company based in Northern NJ. Representing only the top growers/suppliers in the USA and worldwide of Nuts, Dried Fruits, Spices, Rice, both Organic & Conventional, as well as confectionary products in bulk as well as retail.

Kamani Exports

We are manufacturer and supplier of Spices & mango pulp from India. Generally Indian spices are famous for its aromatic flevar ans teste, it is used in cooking, snackz ingredients, medical etc. We also supply mango (kesar,alphanso & totapuri) pulp for juice production, Baker, catering, dairy etc.

Kientap Joint Stock Company

KIENTAP Joint Stock Company is a Vietnam-based company with offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city. With an extensive network of business partners and factories across Vietnam, KIENTAP is your gateway to doing business in our country. From the simple beginning, we have built the mature company it is today, expending the business overseas and diversifying into two categories: Agricultural and Wooden products. We would like to grow our business by sourcing and supplying Vietnam products in a way that we can be proud of and create the win-win cooperation. Our mission and vision are to bring Vietnam products closer to the world and meet the expectation of our customers.

Kokos Natural

Kokos Natural is an export and retail house that specializes in selling natural & organic products. We provide a global platform to all Food & Wellness products through our intensive sourcing & supply chain capabilities. We aim to transform the food industry into a healthier and organic eating one.

Patriotic to the core, we aspire to globalize our Indian products in the near future and bring in some much-needed diversity into healthy living.

Lingaa Agencies
Louise Gourmet

French artisans have always offered discerning palates a large number of gourmet products. Managed by people with a passion for taste and quality, the Louise Gourmet brand offers a wide range of products chosen for their excellent manufacturing standards and the pleasure which they offer to discerning enthusiasts.

Selected in Versailles, the focal point of the French Age of Enlightenment , Louise Gourmet products are synonymous with exacting standards, pleasure, sensory stimulation and refinement.
The Louise Gourmet range as a whole epitomises key values: expertise and traditional craftsmanship, authenticity, optimum taste, originality and premium quality raw materials. Every Louise Gourmet product embodies an element of the soul of its creator.

Markets and Markets

MarketsandMarkets is the largest market research firm worldwide in terms of annually published premium market research reports. Serving 1700 global fortune enterprises with more than 1200 premium studies in a year, M&M is catering to a multitude of clients across 8 different industrial verticals. We specialize in consulting assignments and business research across high growth markets, cutting edge technologies and newer applications. Our 850 fulltime analyst and SMEs at MarketsandMarkets are tracking global high growth markets following the "Growth Engagement Model – GEM". The GEM aims at proactive collaboration with the clients to identify new opportunities, identify most important customers, write "Attack, avoid and defend" strategies, identify sources of incremental revenues for both the company and its competitors.


M&M’s flagship competitive intelligence and market research platform, "RT" connects over 200,000 markets and entire value chains for deeper understanding of the unmet insights along with market sizing and forecasts of niche markets. The new included chapters on Methodology and Benchmarking presented with high quality analytical infographics in our reports gives complete visibility of how the numbers have been arrived and defend the accuracy of the numbers.


We at MarketsandMarkets are inspired to help our clients grow by providing apt business insight with our huge market intelligence repository.

Medina Food
Temos pola congelada de açaí para exportação.
Tenemos pulpa congelada de açaí para a exportação.
Temos uma polpa congelada de Açaí para exportação.
Monte Carlo Fine Taste Ltd.
We are Uk Supplier Co. & we can supply Baby Food like:
Italian Rice certified BRC IFS ORGANIC
1- Thaibonnet long rice type B-  
2- Carnaroli
3- Arborio
that respect the EEC specifications for baby food analysis of Arsenic maximum 0.10mg/kg-
in different packaging for retail 500gr. 1 kg, or 25 kg bags for the baby food industry.
Gluten-free Organic small pasta for children 1>3 years.(80%corn-20% rice) in 100 gr. sealed pack to avoid gluten contamination in the kitchen for Horeca or in 500gr for retail.
For price & catalogue
contact us 
Monte Carlo Fine Taste Ltd. 
Mother Murphy's Laboratories

Mother Murphy's Laboratories, founded in 1946, is a privately owned flavor manufacturer located in Greensboro, NC.  From our Greensboro Headquarters to our Dallas Baking Facility, we offer state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the quality of our flavors meet your every expectation. We produce flavorings and extracts for the bakery, beverage, cereal & grain, confectionary, dairy, nutraceutical, pet food, pharmaceutical, and tobacco industries.


Aglae ca be made into nutraceutical Omega 3 EPA/DHA, cosmetics, food and feed.

Natasja van Musscher Contract Management

Are you a buyer looking for reliable, efficient, trustworthy suppliers?

There are thousands of disreputable suppliers across the world and it can be a daunting task trying to decide whether you should trust a particular company. This is where I come in.
By freeing you from this time consuming and tedious task, you get to focus more on leading your team, generating more business, and providing high quality products/services.

As a procurement consultant I focus on bringing buyers and reliable suppliers from across the world together for long-term and short-term trade.

I don’t act as a broker or an agent. I consult on an ongoing basis and find the best deal for our buyers.

My database exists of reputable suppliers offering various quality products. My main primary focus is a supplier's reliability. I aim to ensure all suppliers in my database and in my network, to meet the standards I set out to achieve. It is because of these high standards, buyers from across the world come to me for product procurement.

If you are a supplier, connect with me. Let's talk about how you can be added to my clean list of reliable and trustworthy suppliers, ready to be introduced to my buyers.

Please feel free to contact me at any time at the email address down below.

Natasja Van Musscher

►►Skype: natas105◄◄

National Organic Products Ltd

National Organic Products Ltd. was founded in 1999. As an Irish company we set about providing a broad range of 100% organic food products across a range of everyday grocery items on the basis of both quality and affordability for you the consumer. As we see it taste is everything and offer our consumers not only some of Ireland's most loved brands but importantly we help you make some simple
healthy choices to suit today's lifestyles. 

Our mission is to transform the perceived niche of healthy eating into
a mainstream and accessible choice for Irish consumers nationwide
so that you can walk into your local supermarket, speciality retailer
or independent grocer to find our brands. 

We have extended our range activity to include many Free From food products for consumers with dietary sensitive or intolerance concerns and we are growing our core Bunalun Organic brand to also reflect these needs of you the consumer. 

Our promise to you the consumer is to constantly innovate our range and to improve our product offer to you with a firm commitment to quality and healthy eating for you and your family. We will always
look for ways to create healthier foods to match the demands of your lifestyle or to inspire you to look at your core eating habits to see if
we can encourage you to make some sensible choices. 

Our success is the result of collaboration over many years between many talented individuals, including our employees, suppliers and retailers but most importantly to you our customer’s and we intend
to continue and grow this working ethos. We encourage you to communicate with us any thoughts or inspirations you have by
using our website and getting in touch. 

nectar lifesciences limited

We would like to introduce Nectar Lifesciences Ltd. as one of the leading manufacturer of Pharmaceutical and agricultural products from India. We have GMP, state of the art manufacturing facility for Guar Gum Powder. 


Nectar started operations in 1997 and has an annual revenue of 300 million USD with exports to over 50 countries. Our maximum guar processing capacity is 60 MT/day. We are based 250 kms north of New Delhi, close to the high viscosity guar belt of Haryana region. We can produce guar gum for food, technical, mining, Oil  and fast hydration grades.


A brief profile of Nectar is as follows:

- India's top 20 Pharmaceutical company and 300 all industry (Fortune 500 India)
- Leadership in another agri-commodity from India: Menthol 
- Public company with Financial rating A 
- ISO 9001:2008, 14001 and 50001, OHSAS 18001 and SA 8000 qualified company. BRC, HACCP, Kosher and Halal for food grade guar gum powder.

- Exports to 55 countries 

- 11 manufacturing facilities spread over 400,000 sq m, with global approvals from USFDA, EUGMP, Japanese PMDA, and our numerous partners.

We make Guar gum powder and derivatives for global market with maximum compliances 
- Incorporated automated processes with strict controls for consistent quality 
- Implemented green technology for power and hot air generation from bio fuel, 18 MW captive power generation, Zero Carbon footprint. 
- Innovative anaerobic effluent treatment 
- Consistent quality guarantee and scientific approach to manufacturing. 
- GMP warehousing 

- Partner of choice for quality conscious buyers. 

Thank you and please feel to send in your queries and sample requests.

New Bellus
New Bellus has rich experiences in microbial submerged fermentation since 1992. We strive to expand our biotechnology business with special focus on branded ingredients and products– MUSHROOM HUNTER® Functional Mushrooms, New Bellus® Fermented Products, ZYMOBIOSIS® Functional Probiotics, Dr.Amon® skin, clean and beauty care products, UNECE® Innovative Fermented Foods and Drinks, UNECE® medical food.  In addition to branded ingredients, we provide a wild range of fermented products, including Health Foods, Special Dietary Foods, Cosmeceutical Products, and Fermented Foods.
For our capabilities and expertise in research and development, we have completed more than 60 cooperative research projects with academic institutions, obtained 45 patents in Taiwan, China and the United States, and published more than 25 peer-reviewed SCI journal articles. These achievements make us one of the leading global manufacturers of microbial fermentation.
New Bellus is a Dun & Bradstreet certified company and our factory obtained several international certifications, including TQF, International GMP, HACCP, and ISO 22000. Moreover, our quality control center laboratories are TAF-certified (ISO 17025). We also obtained product certifications in Special Dietary Food, Health Food, HALAL, and SNQ.
Novel Nutrients Pvt Ltd

Novel Nutrients Pvt. Ltd. is a science based healthcare organization and specialized in manufacturing and supplying Innovative botanical extracts, Nutritional fine chemicals, Food enzymes, Food colors, Essential oils, Nutritional minerals – Calcium range, Global dietary supplement & Cosmaceutical ingredients  to global dietary supplement & Cosmaceuticals industries.

Novel Nutrients Pvt.Ltd was established with its own skill, research, process and method has developed the technology for extraction & isolation of active compounds from herbal raw materials & credited with integrating modern scientific approach to provide quality, safe health supplements and affordable to consumer which will improve the quality of life of the consumer.

Novel Nutrients Pvt.Ltd focused for innovative research in order to introduce new molecule to global Nutraceutical & Cosmaceutical industries and to fulfill our customer requirements

Nutri Pharmaceutical Research Inc.

NPRI specializes in converting oils, pastes and gels into free flowing powders for nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and feed applications. . We utilize a proprietary process called O2P to convert oils to free flowing powders. We do not spray dry, freeze dry, micro-encapsulate or use any current drying technology. The process does not alter the fatty acid profile or molecular structure since it is done at room temperature in a nitrogen rich atmosphere. As a result, we can provide a powder with oil load content (percent of oil in powder) in excess of 70% and a stable shelf life for two years, or longer, depending on the specific oil's properties. Powders can either be Nutri Grade, free flowing for tableting and encapsulation, or Food Grade, dispersible for use in powdered drink, beverage or food applications. We can also provide Cosmetic, Animal Nutrition and Pet Food Grades. We offer more than 50 standard and specialty oil powders and or also toll a company's unique oil or other liquid product into a powder.

NZure Foods Limited
Omega Ingredients Ltd.

Omega Ingredients Creates and Supplies Flavours and Ingredients for all Food & Beverage Applications

On Target Packaging

On Target Packaging is a food industry service and engineering company specialized in Ishida multi-head weighers as well as Chinese multi-head weighers. While we specialize in Ishida, our technicians cover numerous brands, that may include the ones you may have at your facility: Combi, Ohlson, Weighpack, Yamato and many more.


Our goal is to get your lines up and running as soon as possible because we know that lost production is lost revenue for your company!



What we offer:


ü  All levels of training for production and maintenance

ü  24/7 Technical Support

ü  Check weigher services

ü  Repairs and replacement of parts

ü  Emergency services

ü  Improved efficiency

ü  Improved speed

ü  Reduced give away

ü  Calibration service

ü  Preventative Maintenance agreements

ü  Travel at the lowest available price (all U.S. and Canada)



On Target Packaging is a 24/7 based company, so we are available at a moment’s notice for any complications that may occur. If you have questions or are experiencing issues at your facility and are interested in our services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us anytime. Feel free to browse for more information.


Ozone Naturals

Ozone Naturals is engaged in manufacturing of High Quality - High Value Ingredients using advanced Green Technology   – SCFE CO2 extraction (super critical fluid extraction), thus ensuring solvent free natural ingredients.


100% natural & 100% solvent free with best quality Flavor and Aroma of Oils & Oleoresins from different spices and other Natural raw materials.


We understand that high value Ingredients are crucial for product’s success in flavor, fragrance, beverage and bakery industry, medicinal formulations. Our production facility adheres to World Class Quality standards, producing a range of Flavors, Colors, Oleoresins (capsicum, tomato, black pepper&…). We can manufacture ingredients customized to your needs.


Oils & Oleoresins:

· Capsicum

· Black pepper

· Turmeric

· Cardamom

· Nutmeg

· Ginger

· Clove


Natural Colors:

· Capsaicin red

· Lycopene

· Curcumin yellow

· Lutein

· Anthocyanin

· Phycocyanin

· Annatto


For more details, you can visit our website


Pars Pro Processing Ltd. Co.



        I still  working as a Marketer for this product. 

pellaberries superfood

Pellaberries superfood - a farmer from Greece grow aronia and then make handmade food of jam.

Prasan Solutions (India) Pvt Ltd

PRASAN SOLUTIONS (INDIA) PVT LTD., was incorporated with a novel concept of being in the preservative domain - that too naturally. Based on pure chemistry Prasan Solutions has developed a portfolio of natural preservatives fulfilling global standards of quality. Our Focus Segments are Oils and fats, Poultry and Natural colours. Well-equipped Research & Development facility with sophisticated instruments like Gas Chromatograph with FID, HPLC, Potentiometric Titrator, Rancimat, Rotovapor System, UV Visible Spectrophotometer, Various Precision Balances, Refractometer, Halogen Moisture Analyser etc. supports our product development. A highly competent Research & Development team comprising members from premier institutes in the country like IIT and NIT were able to bring out efficient natural antioxidants tailor made for various focus segments. Using our patented technology PCT/IB2013/056643, we have developed natural antioxidants that are capable of replacing the widely used synthetic antioxidants like TBHQ. These natural antioxidant formulations are blends of various spice and herb extracts that are considered to be healthy.


Greetings Everybody !!


 My name is Shrey Jain, Director of PSV Polymers Private Limited. We are manufacturers and exporters of Guar gum powder (E412) which is used as emulsifiers, stabilizers, thickeners and in oil industry. We produce both food and industrial grade.  We are also manufacturers of guar derivatives such guar meal korma and guar churi which is mostly used in cattle feed.

PSV is a star export house recognized by government of India. We are in this business since last two decades.  

We are ISO, Halal & Kosher certified. 

 I wish to introduce my company to you and want to supply my product.  Please find attached our company profile.

I will wait for your earliest reply. Please let me know if you have any question. 

Shrey Jain
PSV Polymers Private Limited
Tel : +91-7665540000; +91-9982540000
PT. Haldin Pacific Semesta

At Haldin, we produce an extensive line of quality natural ingredients for our customers in the Food, Beverage, Flavor, Fragrance, Health Food, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic industries. We supply our natural ingredients in eight key product groups: Tea & Coffee, Functional Ingredient, Essential Oil, Cocoa & Vanilla, Natural Sweetener, Fruit & Vegetable, Cosmetic & Care Ingredients and Seasoning Ingredients

Quick trade impex

Our company name is Quick trade impex.

Our company export and import business .

Our company mostly like product onion, garlic,rice , nut etc.

Our company website  visit our company website send inquiry.

Radar Healthcare Company Ltd

Radar Healthcare is Pomegranate Extract Expert, we start pomegranate extract research and development since 1998. Our Product is patented. We are the only one supplier of pure pomegranate extract in China. Radar ------ Search and Research the world most innovative ingredients. ※ Sulforaphane 4%-90% from Broccoli This product is hot in the international market. We also proud of our other products, such as Green Tea Extract, Milk Thistle P.E. and Co-enzyme Q10 etc.

Rakez Trading INc.
Regions Portugal

Regions Portugal is a start up company, with a management team that has more than 25 years experience in business. With head quarters in Portugal we aim to bring to our clients the best traditional quality products, from north to south of our country. From the small producer to the medium retailer, we make the best selection to achieve the UK quality standards and tastes. We specialise in traditional Portuguese food and drinks and we will be offering the best our tradition has to offer: bread, pastry e.g. Pastel de Nata, deserts, cakes, ice creams, olive oil products, cheese, wines, spirit drinks, jam and Charcuterie.

Regions Portugal

Cold pressed Grape seed oil.

Richen Nutritional Co., Ltd.

Richen Nutritional Co., Ltd. who established in Shanghai since 1999, consist of two production facilities located in Shanghai & Nantong, Jiangsu province with more than 300 workers, it have been cetificate by ISO  HACCP, FSSC, HALAL etc, it has devoted to human nutrients fortification field more than 17 years in Chinese and overseas market for infant formula foods, food and beverage, infant complementary foods, dietary supplements. 


Main business: 
Biological fermentation: Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid ( Natural GABA ), Phosphatidylserine (PS), Phosphatidylcholine (PC)


> Premix business: Multi-MineralsPremix Vitamin-MineralsCustomized formulas design


> Minerals:  

                 -Individual element

                                -- Ca Salts: Calcium carbonate / Calcium Citrate / L-Calcium Lactate / Calcium Lactate Gluconate 

                                -- Fe Salts:  Ferric sodium edetate / Ferrous sulfate / Ferrous fumarate / Ferrous lactate / Ferric pyrophosphate / Ferrous bisglycinate 

                                -- Zn Salts:  Zinc oxide / Zinc Citrate / Zinc sulfate / Zinc Gluconate / Glycine zinc 

                                -- Ma Salts:  Magnesium oxide / Magnesium sulfate / Magnesium Bisglycinate 

                                --  K salts:    Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate / Potassium Chloride
                 -Trace element dilutions:

                                -- Cooper Sulfate 5% Cu;                       -- Chrome Chloride 1% Cr;

                                -- Sodium Selenite 1% Se;                     -- Sodium Molybdate 1% Mo;

                                -- Potassium Lodide Dilutions;               -- Choline Dilutions;

                 -DC granules:
                                -- Calcium Carbonate DC 92.5%;          -- Magnesium Oxide DC 99.0%

SanHerb Biotech Inc

SanHerb Biotech Inc. is located in NY U.S. Together with its China and Ghana divisions, the three branches of company, is able to source raw materials, manufacture, promote and distribute high quality plant extracts to buyers that specialize in a variety of nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetic products. The SanHerb team is professional, experienced, hardworking, and reliable. The team is committed to ensure superior quality of the products and services to our customers. A world-wide network of connections allows us to source the best raw materials around the global. The company strives to become the world’s leading manufacturer of nutritional ingredients and is dedicated to provide the fi nest products to meet ever changing market demands. Its focus is on building a strong customer base that will enable us to better market our products and services.

Sapphire Flavors and Fragrances

We cater to the natural and specialty food and beverage industries. You can be an established company and want to develop a line extension of natural and eco-friendly products or be an entrepeneur and want to develop and sell you're product, we'd love to be your partner! We will guide you through each stage of your process to the best of our ability and if we come across an area of unfamiliar territory, we will put you in touch with someone who can help you because when you succeed, we succeed!

shri guru raghavendra traders
Sichuan Zhituo Biochem Technology Industry Co.,Ltd

Sichuan Zhituo Biochem Technology Industry Co., Ltd is an ISO certified company located in Sichuan province of China, with the business scope covering chemical, pharmaceutical, food, fertilizer, and other industries, involved in R&D, production, sales and technical services. We have Halal Certificate and Kosher Certificate for food grade products.

The main products including: 

Sodium Tripolyphosphate(STPP)
Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate(TSPP)
Disodium Dihydrogen Pyrophosphate(SAPP)
Sodium Hexametaphosphate(SHMP)
Monosodium Phosphate(MSP)
Disodium Phosphate(DSP)
Trisodium Phosphate(TSP)
Tetrapotassium Pyrophosphate(TKPP)
Potassium Tripolyphosphate(KTPP)
Monopotassium Phosphate(MKP)
Dipotassium Phosphate(DKP)
Tripotassium Phosphate(TKP)
Monoammonium Phosphate(MAP)
Diammonium Phosphate(DAP)

[Plant Extract]:
Ginkgo Biloba Extract
Atropa Belladonna Extract

Monoammonium Phosphate
Diammonium Phosphate
Monopotassium Phosphate
water-soluble NPK fertilizer
Foliar fertilizer-MKP


sk blades

We are manufacturer and exporter of Rotary Knife (Scrapper) For Biscuit Manufacturing Unit

Soubalt Ltd

Food Safety, Regulatory and Quality Management consultant, I specialize in suppliers, customers' and certification audits readiness, covering

_ BRC Food Safety, Retail, Food Safety Preventive Controls, Global GAP, Agents & Brokers, and Warehouse & Distribution, for your UK customers 

_ IFS Food, Global Markets-Food, Food Store, Brokers, and Logistics, for your other European customers  

_ FSSC 22000 (including ISO 22000) for your Global customers

_ SQF Module 2: Systems Elements, 6: GAP for farming of fish, 11: GMP for processing of food products, 12: Transport & Distribution, 14: Brokers or Agents, for your Australian Customers


_ UK Retailers Code of Practices

_ other specific standards, on demand


Main markets served to date are the UK, France, Vietnamese Manufacturers.


Products category covered are

_ chilled ready meals, dairies and produce

_ ambient confectionery and bakery

_ frozen value-added sea food


My objectives are your audits successes as a priority, whilst I take pride in delivering excellent quality of service with, action plans, trainings, food safety tools implementation.


Core values are: service excellence, dedication and integrity.


Please visit for detailed services contents, and feel free to contact me at for any additional information. 


Looking forward to doing business with you.



Ms Sophie Soumah

Ms Food Science and Biochemistry 


We supply nutritive and non-nutritive ingredients to the food manufacturing industry.  

Synergy Food Group LLC
Target Innovations
Target Innovations
Target Innovations has evolved to be one of the leading Manufacturers,Seller,Trader and Exporter of Metal Detector / Metal Detectors/ Checkweigher / Checkweigher System with Metal Detector from Goa, INDIA (Asia).
Over the years Target Innovations has developed core strength in manufacturing and developing a comprehensive range of Metal Detector,Metal Detectors,Checkweigher System that deliver Quality, Reliability & Performance. These products are continuously updated to meet the requirements of our customers and to the latest industry standards. 
Target Innovations are a customer-focused organization dedicated to providing professional technical support before, during and after the sales.
Our Service(s): Manufacturing, Exporting , R & D.
Our Range of Products :

Metal Detector,Metal Detectors,Checkweigher,Checkweighers,Gravity Feed Metal Detector, Tablet Metal Detector, Pulse Induction Metal Detector,Pharmaceutical Metal Detector,Food Metal Detector,Detector, Hand Held Metal Detector, Door Frame Metal Detectors,Conveyor Metal Detector,Metal Detector for Confectionery.

TARGET INNOVATIONS exported metal detector / Metal Detectors to  Tanzania, Malaysia, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, East Asia - Middle East - South/West Europe - South East Asia , Bangladesh, SriLanka, Chile, Mexico, Tunisia, Vietnam, South America, South Africa & Indian Subcontinent.

Terriachris & Macdavies Enterprises
Terriachris & Macdavies Enterprises is registered with corporate affairs commission Abuja Nigeria as importers, exporters, manufacturers representative and general contractors. 
Also we give services in the Real Estate industry. We are into Agriculture produce export. We supply spices and herbs.
Among our herbs are: (1)Bitter kola(garcinia kola), Kola nut(cola acuminata).
These herbs are health stimulant and dietary supplement. They are used to produce medicines and drinks.
Also we export spices of high quality. Our word stands as our bond, that has been the reason we have been in business.


Terriachris & Macdavies Enterprises
Terriachris & Macdavies Enterprises is registered with corporate affairs commission Abuja Nigeria as importers, exporters, manufacturers representative and general contractors. 
Also we give services in the Real Estate industry. We are into Agriculture produce export. We supply spices and herbs.
Among our herbs are: (1)Bitter kola(garcinia kola), Kola nut(cola acuminata).
These herbs are health stimulant and dietary supplement. They are used to produce medicines and drinks.
Also we have melon seeds, bitter leaf and scent leaf. 
Also we export spices of high quality. Our word stands as our bond, that has been the reason we have been in business.


The Dehydrated Garlic & Onion Company

Allow us to take this opportunity to be introduced to you with this email. We The Dehydrated Garlic & Onion Company are involved in manufacturing, supplying and exporting Dehydrated Onion, Dehydrated Garlic, Toasted Onion, Fried Onion, Fresh red Onion, Fresh White Onion, Fresh Pink Onion, Fresh Garlic & other spices & products. Visit our website for more details

Our ultra-modern manufacturing units work in conjunction to produce premium-quality products and this makes us a preferred brand amongst the quality-conscious buyers. The Dehydrated Garlic & Onion Company emphasis on total quality management and guarantees international standard for its products and timely supplies.


Our Main product in Castor & its derivatives are as:

·         Dehydrated White Onion ( Flakes, Chopped, Minced, granules, Powder)

·         Dehydrated Pink / Red Onion ( Flakes, Chopped, Minced, granules, Powder)

·         Dehydrated Garlic  ( Cloves, Chopped, Minced, granules, Powder)

·         Fried Onion

·         Toasted Onion

·         Fresh Onion

·         Fresh Garlic

·         Dehydrated Vegetables & Powders

·         Spray Dried Fruits Powder


Our Expertise / The Dehydrated Garlic & Onion Company:

Ø  Good Quality with consistency

Ø  Documentation & Logistic support (support in delivered at your warehouse as well)

Ø  In-house Laboratory to ensure food safety & hygienic food standard

Ø  Time to time update about status of order and progress & Organized & systematic way of shipment

Ø  Government membership & various certificates like HALAL, ISO 22000:2005, Global GAP, APEDA, FSSAI, Spice Board which make us reliable & Trustworthy.

Ø  Experience in supply in USA, Canada & Europe region.

Ø  A good amount of new customer we have added in our client list in short span of time with our service, quality & prices.

Ø  We can also chose some better payment option which will be safe for both of us in initial deal to establish business relation.


We would like to know more about your specific requirement so that we can quote you accordingly and discuss in detail commercially.

It will be our pleasure to be associated with your esteemed organisation & start a business relation. Waiting to hearing from you soon.


Best regards
Garima Maheshwari
The Dehydrated Garlic & Onion Company
Head Office:

Village: Bhadrod, Bhavnagar National Highway

Near Post Office, PIN-364295, TA- Mahuva
Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India
Ph: +91-97121 95955

Skype: Export_2947

The Green Way Trading
Thurne Teknik AB

Founded in 1962, Thurne Teknik offers advanced Process Systems, equipment and components for the Process Industry in the Nordic Countries and the Baltic States. Our main office is located in Stocholm, with subsidiaries in Helsiki and Copenhagen. Our scope contains a logical portfolio of key equipment for different types of industries:

  • Bioproess
  • Chemical
  • Fine Chemical
  • Food
  • Mineral & Mining
  • Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceutical

Together with 30 partners, each with a strong global market position in their fields of activity, we are dedicated to supporting our customers with state-of-the-art process solutions for improving efficiency, safety and sustainability.

Our program for the Food Industry is based on equipment for our cutomers´ high requirements of cleanliness and contained processes. We offer a wide range of products in the field of power handling:

  • grinding
  • sifting
  • drying
  • dosing
  • filling & emptying

We help our clients with process understanding and knowledge throughout the process from A-Z.

Thurne Teknik AB

ur customers include the canned foods, supermarkets, wholesalers and distributors all over the world.




TRANSCARIB SPAIN Company is a leader in Import Export  on the international market as a reference point for the distribution of fruits , vegetables , rice, sugar, drink etc....


 From the fields to the consumer

·       The direct involvement in the production  (membership of different groups of growers)

·       The direct contracts with producer (singles or associated ) of large quantities of products

·       The crop selection and packaging of products

·       The export, distribution and logistic. All that means a short and responsible chain between producer and the final consumer



The careful selection of suppliers and the consolidated relations with the same, guarantee excellent and constant quality and quantity of the supplies

Contant and accurate quality controls on the place of production during the packing. Subdivision in various brands on the base of quality level.




Production, crop, selection, packaging and export of fruits and vegetables originating from Spain and other countries 




High knowledge of the products, varieties and their different characteristics. High competence in all stages of product preservation to guarantee good quality of product.

Lengthy and successful experience acquired on the various markets with a particular attention to their diverse requirements   SPAIN  advise and help you all along the process, from production to final destination.

TRANSCARIB SPAIN  supply all the exotic seafood for the ethnic market in Europe as well as poultry, beef, pork, fruits and vegetables.


We can offer you parrot fish, grouper, mahi mahi, octopus, cat fish, shark, marlin, red snapper, tuna and more from all over the world.


An experienced team


      Xi'an Tianxingjian Natural Bio-products Co.,Ltd is a leading manufacturer of plant active ingredients and related derivatives all around the world. It was founded in 1991. And our company is the earliest high-tech enterprise engaged in research, manufacturing and deep-processing of natural extracts. Through over 20 years of development, our company has formed excellent image based on high-quality product and professional service.


       Our production base is in Sanyuan Food Industrial Park in Shaanxi and our head office is in Xi’An High-tech Zone, with construction area of 14,000 ㎡. There are 6 production lines meeting GMP standard and 100000 level cleaning workshop. We can provide 1000 tons plant extracts each year. 


       Tianxingjian is a major supplier of functional food, health care product, medical material and cosmetic material. Our company has certificate of SC, ISO9001, HACCP, Kosher and many patents. 

UBM Exhibitions Philippines Inc.

Greeting from UBM Exhibitions Philippines, Inc.!


We are pleased to invite you to participate in our forthcoming event ProPak Philippines 2019 which will be held on Thursday – 24th to Saturday – 26th January 2019 at the World Trade Center (WTC) Metro Manila, Pasay City,


ProPak Philippines 2019 is the debut international processing and packaging trade event for the Philippines, and the perfect platform to access a robust and expanding industry and market growing at high GDP growth rates with strong increase and further potential to expand throughout its food, drink and pharmaceutical industries.


ProPak Philippines 2019 will be the first of its kind ProPak event to launch in Manila delivering a focused industry event connecting international suppliers to local and regional buyers. The Philippines is witnessing strong and dynamic growth across its industries with a backdrop of rising incomes, expanding and changing consumer demands, increasing export potential and strong and supportive governance.                                                                                                                                                                               




Philippines food and drink industry is expanding rapidly and presents many new and increased business opportunities as manufacturers and suppliers look to meet increasing and changing consumer demands both domestically and for export. Ingredients Philippines 2019 will connect international manufacturers and suppliers to the Philippines expanding market.


Packaging is the largest industrial user of plastics. Constant packaging innovations and demands call for the latest solutions and materials. PlasPak Philippines 2019 will showcase the plastic packaging industry and connect international suppliers to Philippines buyers and specifiers.


ProPak Philippines will of course be powered by ProPak Events and its international industry professional teams  We are launching ProPak Philippines due to the strong industry demand and support we have received to organize a high quality, dedicated, international and professional processing, ingredients and packaging trade event in the Philippines for the Philippines.


I really hope you can join us by exhibiting at ProPak Philippines 2019 and I would like to work with you as one of our shows key exhibitors.


Please can you let me know you are interested to join and any questions you may have?

UNI-MASZ H.M.Juszczuk Sp.j

UNI-MASZ - WHO WE ARE                                              

UNI-MASZ H.M.JUSZCZUK Sp.J.founded in 1996, based in Panieńszczyzna (commune Jastkow near Lublin)  is a leading Polish manufacturer of food  processing  machines and equipment.

Our company designs and manufactures vegetable, fruit and herb processing machines for small, middle-size and large enterprises.




The principal activity of the company is to design, construct and manufacture machinery for the food industry. We specialize in the production of equipment for technological transport, pre-treatment of fruit and vegetables, construction of technological lines, machines for sorting, washing, crushing, mixing, steaming, glazing, weighing, packing, metal detection accordance with HACCP and EU standards. The row materials which can be treated are: root and leafy vegetables, fresh or frozen fruits, herbs, champignons, mushrooms. Manufactured devices are made of stainless steel and materials approved for contact with a food. Our qualified and experienced staff can fulfill various unusual, individual orders according to our own or entrusted projects. We use our own modern machinery.





We continue to develop equipment by combining new technology with trusted techniques learned from our engineering experience. The company carries out innovative projects thanks to European Union funds. We intensify our efforts to acquire new customers and enter new markets. We are present at the International Fair and Exhibitions, participate in trade missions. Recipients of our equipment on a large scale are the companies processing fruits and vegetables and cold stores, among them Materne, Agrana together with its daughter company in Egypt, Hortino, Herbapol and many companies from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.



Our strength lies in our ability to offer our clients effective and efficient solutions which are the result of combining our rich experience, use of modern technology and good service and customer support. Professionalism and integrity ensures satisfaction for every customer, from the smallest to the largest businesses. Our machines and equipment are of very high quality, easy to use and maintain.


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